Elon Busts Biden Over His Divisive Speech at Howard With One Perfect Line

(AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

On Saturday, Joe Biden gave a commencement speech at Howard University.

It did not go well. Even before Biden’s speech, he was fidgeting and moving around in his seat, not paying any attention at all to the person speaking. I think he was trying to reach for something with his left hand in his right pocket and I can’t even tell you what it looked like as he shifted around, with all that weird movement. He also got confused over trying to recognize a prime minister in the audience.


Then he went on to be divisive and pandering, talking about the threat of “white supremacy.” He told the same lie about former President Donald Trump that he’s told for years — that Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people” which did not happen. Biden claimed that there was an ongoing effort to “subvert our elections and suppress our right to vote.” He also falsely said that books were being banned and “Black history was being erased.”

But he, Joe Biden, was going to be the hero, he was going to “redeem the soul” of our messed up nation.

Again, let’s be clear: There are those who don’t see you and don’t want this future. There are those who demonize and pit people against one another. And there are those who do anything and everything, no matter how desperate or immoral, to hold onto power. And that’s never going to be an easy battle.

But I know this: The oldest, most sinister forces may believe they’ll determine America’s future, but they are wrong. (Applause.) We will determine America’s future. You will determine America’s future. And that’s not hyperbole.


What kind of gall he has to make that statement. He’s been demonizing and pitting people against each other since he got into office. He demonized millions of Americans in his “extremist” speech in Philadelphia. He’s still doing it in his constant attacks on the “extreme MAGA” people. He was doing it again right in that speech, lying about what Trump said and about the suppression of the vote. He is part of the “oldest, most sinister forces” who want to control and dictate to people, who lied and interfered to do anything they could so he could grab power in the 2020 election.

But Elon Musk wasn’t having any of what Joe said, completely taking him down with one sentence.

“Oh the irony is too much,” Musk said. Indeed. Just more evidence that Elon gets it when it comes to the powers that be. Elon has Joe’s number. He sees what was done with the Twitter Files.

But that’s going to be Biden’s pitch going forward into the election, that he — the guy with all kinds of racist remarks in his background — is just the guy for whom black people should vote. Just ignore all the pandering, his lies, those bad policies, and the money that he’s taken right out of our pockets because of his Bidenflation. He’s not competent to redeem a soda bottle, much less the “soul of the nation.”


I think that’s why he went to Howard because they’re trying to get more of the black vote. But the polls already show he is in deep trouble.

According to the Associated Press, around 58 percent approve of his job handling. Just 41 percent of Black adults said they wanted Biden to run for a second term, while only 55 percent said they would likely support him in the general election.

That’s big trouble when normally the Democratic candidate would be running about 30 points higher. In a race that could be tight, that could spell defeat. That’s why Biden was pushing the race card so hard in his speech at Howard.



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