Biden Snaps at Reporter on Debt Ceiling While Throwing the Constitution Under the Bus

Joe Biden had a meeting with Republican and Democratic leaders about the debt ceiling on Tuesday, but they did not come to any agreements and there was no new movement in the negotiations, apart from Biden finally getting off his duff, out of the basement, and meeting with them.


As my colleague Bob Hoge explained:

McCarthy has offered a budget proposal that would trade spending cuts for an increased borrowing limit, but Biden has shown little interest in negotiating. The president has his own budget proposal: a $6.9 trillion behemoth that would spend $1.8 trillion more than the government would take in. He claims that massive new taxes would make up the difference and even lower the deficit.

In other words, Biden wants to keep on spending like it’s going out of style, despite how that spending has already led to record inflation and crushing the pocketbooks of Americans. The claim that somehow massive new taxes will enable him to continue to spend is madness. Once again, if he was trying to drive us off a cliff, what would he be doing differently? Not a heck of a whole lot.

After the meeting, Biden took a few questions from reporters and revealed just how delusional he truly is on the subject. A reporter asked about Biden making any budget cuts in what he was proposing, saying House Speaker Kevin McCarthy had not gotten any answers from him about any cuts. Biden got mad that the reporter had the temerity to ask such a question and snapped at her.


Biden claimed that he’d given McCarthy a specific answer, but said to the reporter, “You didn’t listen either, so why should I even answer the question?” Translation: he didn’t have an answer, he wasn’t proposing any cuts. It’s his budget, it’s up to him to propose cuts, not McCarthy. All Biden did was insist that he had cut the deficit, “We cut the deficit by $160 billion! Billion! B-I-L-L-I-O-N.”

Biden’s already been hit with a “bottomless Pinocchio” for his constant lying about cutting the deficit from the Washington Post.

“For instance, the deficit was projected to be about $1 trillion in 2022, and it turned out to be about $1.375 trillion. It was supposed to decline $875 billion in 2021, and it was actually $360 billion under Biden. All told, in those two years Biden increased the national debt about $850 billion more than originally projected,” Kessler noted.

Kessler continued by citing Marc Goldwein of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, who’d calculated that inflation negatively impacted projected GDP and that when the 2022 fiscal year ended in September, “the deficit turned out to be 5.5 percent of GDP in 2022, even higher than the CBO projection at the start of 2021.”

“In other words, again the data shows the deficit picture has worsened under Biden,” the WaPo “fact-checker” wrote. [….]

“Moreover, going forward, Biden has enacted legislation that will require the federal government to borrow even more, such as the bipartisan infrastructure bill ($370 billion in additional deficits over 10 years), health and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic substances ($280 billion), the CHIPS Act for semiconductor manufacturing expansion in the United States ($80 billion) and student loan debt relief and repayment pauses ($750 billion),” Kessler explained.


He’s also continuously confusing the debt and the deficit, as he did again on Tuesday.

But in addition to lashing out at the reporter and telling another whopper about the deficit, Biden said something else that should be very troubling for every American. He said that although he was talking with the Congressional leaders, he was looking at how he could employ the 14th Amendment to act unilaterally to do what he wanted.

“I have been considering the 14th Amendment….I’ll be very blunt with you. When we get by this, I’m thinking about taking a look at — months down the road — as to see what the court would say whether or not it does work.”


Good luck with that, Joe, you’ll get laughed out of court for that one. You don’t have the power of the purse. You don’t get to ignore the law and the Constitution because you feel like being a dictator. But it shows once again how little regard he has for the Constitution — if he feels it’s getting in his way.


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