Americans Mock Biden and Harris New Cringeworthy Pic of Togetherness

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Is there anyone who believes that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are great buddies?

This was the same thing that they tried to pitch us when it was Barack Obama/Joe Biden, with ridiculous cringeworthy friendship bracelets. Yet the truth was revealed by what Obama reportedly said about Biden, in terms of never underestimating Joe’s ability to “f**k things up.”


When it comes to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, it might be a tough battle as to who would mess things up more. Joe likely wins because he’s dumber and he’s got a decades-long head start on her. There have been all kinds of reports leaking from both sides about her feeling that she gets the short end of the stick. Meanwhile, from the Biden side, it’s that they think she’s not doing what they thought she would do. But the “Biden-Harris” team is trying to sell us this vision of closeness that just isn’t there. This isn’t a friendship bracelet but it’s just as bad. Look at how we go to lunch together, people!

Biden said, “Get in, folks. We’re going to lunch.” Harris responded, “Lunch with my favorite co-worker.”


That photo also looks to me like it might have been a little touched up (in my opinion) because Biden looks about ten years younger. Sorry, guys, we’re not forgetting he’s 82. Plus, he’s already incompetent and delusional. As we reported earlier, he thinks he “knows more than the vast majority of people” and believes that the investigation of his son “impacts” his office by making him “proud of him.” If he’s that bad already, he’s only likely to get worse.


Then he drove with the motorcade to a taqueria for Cinco de Mayo and got tacos. At least they didn’t have Jill along to talk about how “breakfast tacos” and “bogidas” (bodegas) were representative of the “diversity” Hispanics. Biden got a chicken quesadilla, churros, and an assortment of tacos for White House staff, and Harris got mole enchiladas with chicken and an assortment of food for staff.

Biden seemed more interested in trying to talk to a little girl than the food. But she was smart and wanted nothing to do with him.

The problem is that no one is taken in by this performance when they check their wallets and see that so much more of the money that was in it has had to go out to pay for necessities under Biden/Harris.

People mocked the effort by the pair, with some calling it a “clown car” and saying the cringe was so bad it “hurts.” Others noted they weren’t just going to lunch, they were both “out to lunch.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) pointed out the hypocrisy on display yet again with the motorcade for the few-minute jaunt for lunch.


They may be trying to sell it, but looks like no one was buying the togetherness.



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