Biden's Delusions About Himself and Hunter Are on Full Display During MSNBC Interview

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We reported on Friday that Joe Biden said, “I’m doing a major press conference this afternoon, so I love you all, but I’d like to ask you to leave.” Notice the shot there — “I love you all” — when what he truly means is the opposite. But as CNN’s John King noted, that was “news to us” because there was no major press conference. Indeed, he’s been ducking any true press conference. The only thing that we have seen that even pretends to be a press conference was when he had a joint presser with the South Korean president and answered a few questions, getting caught with an answer to a question ahead of time.


It turns out what Biden might have meant was that he was doing an interview with MSNBC. I don’t know how a fluff ball interview with MSNBC qualifies are a “major press conference,” but this is Joe Biden, so we’re talking about someone delusional to start with.

That delusion was on full display during the interview with host Stephanie Ruhle on “The 11th Hour.” Ruhle did ask him why Americans should think that an 82-year-old was the right guy for the “most important job in the world.” Biden’s response was just laughable.

“Cause I’ve acquired a hell of a lot of wisdom,” Biden insisted. He said he knew “more than the vast majority of people and I’m more experienced than anyone who’s ever run for the office. And I think I’ve proven myself to be honorable as well as effective.”

Heck, at this point, I think the hot dog vendor on the street knows more than Joe Biden does — at least the vendor understands basic economics, which Joe doesn’t seem to. Imagine this guy — whose reputation for decades has been that he’s not the sharpest tool in the drawer — gets into the office. Then he shows how awful he is. Then, on top of all that horrible failure, he brags about how much he knows. That’s’ Joe. He does have “experience” — but he’s been wrong on virtually everything for decades. Honorable and effective? He lies more than anyone in the office I’ve ever seen. Yes, he’s effective — if he is trying to be the worst ever and do anything he can to hurt this country.


He couldn’t even respond coherently to a question without going into some weird analogy and having a brain malfunction.

So why then do people give him poor approval ratings if he’s such a marvelous guy? According to Biden, Americans are just deluded by that “negative media” — that negative media that does all it can to help and spin for him.

President Donald Trump has “negative media.” This guy has stenographers who collude with him.

Biden claims that every person who won re-election to the office has polling numbers where his are now. No, that’s not true. Also, everyone didn’t lead the country into crushing inflation that has hurt Americans now for three years. Not to mention how he’s embarrassed us around the world and endangered our national security, including with his failure at the border.

His numbers are awful because he deserves it — because he’s taken the crown from Jimmy Carter as the worst guy ever to occupy the office.

How far over the edge in delusion is he? Very far.

Ruhle asked, “You talk about fighting for the soul of America, but…hate crimes are on the rise, random acts of gun violence, women are under attack—”


Biden’s staffer tried to get stop him from answering the question. But he answered anyway by starting to say “We can’t let Obama” be president again, then not even being able to say the name of the guy who was president before him.

Finally, Biden was asked about the impact the investigation into his son Hunter could have on his run for re-election.

“My son’s done nothing wrong,” Biden claimed. “I trust him, I have faith in him, and it impacts my presidency by making me feel proud of him.” He thinks if he just keeps lying that people will believe him. If he’s proud of everything that has been revealed about his son, that says a lot about Joe Biden, and none of it is good. That also might come back to haunt him as more comes out.

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