Biden Returns From Vacation Overseas, Leaves on Another Vacation, and Insults His Interior Sec

Joe Biden speaks to reporters before leaving Ireland. Credit: RNC Research.

Joe Biden embarrassed us before the world while he was on his vacation of Northern Ireland and Ireland.

First, Biden got confused about where his office was and had a huge security breach while he was in Northern Ireland. Then he snapped at his son Hunter in a deli in Ireland and twisted the words of Pope John Paul II about the Catholic faith. He managed to insult the British by calling a rugby team the “Black and Tans.” He even ticked off the Irish president’s dog. He told a bunch of stories that couldn’t have happened in a speech to the Irish Parliament. He couldn’t even respond to a simple question from a child and had to have Hunter help him multiple times. Then he made up another story that he told the kids, which couldn’t possibly be true. Finally, his parting words were about how we’re all doomed by climate change, but we could “lick the world.”


Fortunately, Biden finished his embarrassing tour on Saturday. But as he was leaving, he said that he would be heading out on yet another vacation, to his home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. I guess being on vacation already must have been so hard, he needed to rest up from spending our money in Ireland—by spending our dime at the beach.

He’s spent 40 percent of his time in office on vacation. That is a ridiculous waste of our tax dollars. He claims that he’s only been to the Rehoboth home “10 times” — I’m guessing he means since he’s been occupying the White House. But we’re also having to pay for a wall being built around the beach home that costs more than half a million dollars. Because walls work for his security; we’re just not allowed to have them for the security of our nation.

Biden also said that he’d made up his mind about running again, although he wasn’t ready to announce it just yet.


“I told you — my plan is to run again,” he said. You have to know that there’s likely all kinds of lobbying going on behind the scenes to get him to back off. If they think they can go four more years like this, they’re delusional. Heck, I’m not even sure he can finish his term before his deterioration becomes too much for them to cover up anymore.

But in a final shot for one last embarrassing moment, before he left Ireland, he spoke about what he discovered about his family when looking at the genealogical records, and he managed to insult his Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland in the bargain.


He said he learned “some interesting things” — “but, look, we all came from somewhere, unlike my Secretary of Interior, but, uh anyway…”

How nice that he can do genealogical research on his family on our time and dime. Most Americans are trying to figure out how to pay for gas and stretch their income to meet all of their expenses. Meanwhile, this guy — who is supposed to be serving us — is using our money to entertain himself.

But I think the thing that stood out there was how he seemed to be dissing his Interior Secretary. She didn’t come from anywhere? What does that even mean? Did she drop out of the sky? Was she born out of the mouth of the volcano like Pele, the Hawaiian goddess? Maybe she just sprouted up from the ground or popped out of the head of a unicorn.

You have to speak “Biden-ese” to know what he’s saying there. He’s making a left-handed reference to the fact that she’s Native American. But Joe, that’s “somewhere.”


How much more do we have to put up, before someone finally decides to throw in the towel and say he needs to resign?


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