Biden Confuses Where His Office Is, Has Huge Security Breach During Visit to Northern Ireland

Joe Biden in Belfast. (Credit: RNC Research)

We keep seeing Joe Biden deteriorating right in front of us.

He wasn’t a shining light to start with, even years ago, but he just keeps getting worse.

That became readily apparent in Northern Ireland on Wednesday. Confusion and disaster seem to follow him wherever he goes, and it permeates the operations of all his people as well.


Biden is visiting the country to commemorate the Good Friday Agreement — a peace deal that the U.S. was instrumental in helping to broker. Biden brought along his son, Hunter, who has been under investigation for years regarding Biden family foreign business dealings.

Is that a vacation and are they reimbursing the government for that? Or is Hunter “doing business” there in Northern Ireland, with a lift from Joe?

He also met with U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. While he said that he would “listen,” his people naturally pushed all the reporters out of the room, yet again, so they could avoid more gaffes.

However, they couldn’t stop the gaffes because he had to give some remarks to commemorate the event and talk about the present political situation. It’s one thing when he makes weird comments here. But it takes on another level of embarrassment for the country when he makes such comments while overseas. He did that weird thing that he thinks is funny where he looks up at people positioned above them and says, “Don’t jump.”


But then he said something that made it appear that he didn’t even know where his office was. He told people that the Oval Office was in the “U.S. Capitol.”

Some rushed to his defense, saying perhaps he was referring to the “Capital.” But notice he didn’t say it was “in the White House” and it’s just the latest of endless similar confused comments. The problem is that he’s said a boatload of things like this, so unfortunately it’s more likely that he’s confused about where his office is. When they were at the White House in February he said he welcomed Bill Clinton “back to the U.S. Congress, back to the U.S. Capitol.” It’s because he thinks he’s still in the Senate, I think. His brain is mush at this point and whenever he goes off the script, he gets into trouble. Even on the script, he often gets into trouble because he can’t read the teleprompter or goes off into flights of fancy. Unfortunately, the controversy over what he said just highlights how much of a continuing issue his confusion is.

That wasn’t the only problem.

In a concerning breach of security, someone dropped the information about where he was staying, security arrangements, and the phone numbers of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) security personnel in the street near the hotel Biden was staying at.


Yikes! That’s more than a little concerning that they seem to take no care about important information like that.

Biden has since left Northern Ireland so it’s no longer relevant to his safety. But, as I said, the incompetence seems to follow him wherever he goes, and that should concern us all.



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