Riley Gaines Tells Tucker She's Taking Action Against People Who Assaulted Her, 'I Will Not Be Silenced'

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Riley Gaines is a spectacular athlete, a 12-time All-American swimmer, and on Thursday she went to San Francisco State to talk about saving women’s sports. She has become more known beyond sports for speaking out about having to compete against Lia Thomas, a biological man, in competition.


But as we reported, this woman was assaulted by a rioting mob at SFSU, screaming “Trans rights are human rights” and “trans women are women.” She was effectively held hostage for hours because they wanted to shut down her speech.

She was left barricaded in a room for about three hours as the crazed radicals demanded that she come out after she had already been assaulted, and while the campus police were reluctant to deal with the radicals. The radicals laughed and said she should pay them to be let go.

Finally, the city police showed up and got her off campus.

Riley Gaines appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to explain how terrifying it was, but that she was not going to be silenced by such a mob.

“That’s the most dangerous extremist group in the United States,” Carlson said, showing the videos of what had happened to Gaines. “She’s a college swimmer who was cheated against, and she doesn’t think it is fair.” For that, she is attacked, threatened, and held hostage.


He continued, “Her most basic civil rights were stolen by a violent mob. If there is such a thing as a hate crime, you just saw it.” Carlson said that the Biden DOJ wouldn’t acknowledge this “because they endorse it.”

“It was terrifying,” Gaines told Carlson. “The police did not inform me of any sort of action plan. Turning Point USA invited me to the campus. I delivered a very civil and respectful speech where I had great dialog with even protesters who were participating in a sit-in.

“All of a sudden, after my speech, the room was stormed, the lights were turned off, and I was rushed with no one there to escort me to a safe place.”

She said she was punched and hit several times, then pushed into a side classroom where she was held hostage for three hours.

Tucker asked why the police didn’t do something.

She said they were terrified of these people, too, and added they were scared to deal with these people because they knew what “they were capable of.”

Gaines said it was scary when she realized that the police were afraid to do their job. “And we know why they’re willing to do this,” she said. “It’s because they don’t have reason, they don’t have logic, they don’t have science, they don’t have common sense on their side. That’s on my side.”

But she said, “This does not deter me. This assures me I’m doing the right thing. This will not silence me when they want me to be silenced. It just means I need to speak louder.”


Gaines said no officials concerned had condemned this, but that the people who did it would suffer “repercussions.’ She is going to seek legal action against them.

You would think that under the circumstances there would have been arrests. But at least as of now, the University Police Department has said there have been no arrests about this incident. That says a lot, right there. So far, there appear to be no consequences for what they did, which is an insane reaction. A TPUSA spokesperson said that the “protest” against Gaines had been “organized by SFSU’s Queer and Trans Resource Center.” So, the police know where to start investigating. If they care to.

Gaines tweeted a further point that had “conservatives” done something similar, “There would be arrests and repercussions for the perpetrators and administration who allowed this.” We all know that would be true.

In this case, the White House probably would send Kamala down to stand with the “poor victims” of Gaines’ speech who assaulted her.

Both Carlson and Gaines made the point about why leftist radicals like this are so problematic: they are encouraged by those in power. The mob has taken over the asylum, the chaos is sanctioned by those in charge. Indeed as we saw with the Tennessee legislators and Kamala Harris, the Biden White House and other Democrats are encouraging radical “insurrectionist” behavior.


We’re seeing a lot of this now. It’s like the Red Guard, it was the arm of Mao, endorsing the radical silencing of anyone who spoke against the narrative, screaming that you must comply or suffer the consequences. This is part of a greater “long march through the institutions,” where all semblance of order must be thrown down. Right is wrong, and the truth is fiction. Men are women and women are men because even science and reality are to be upended as well. All must be thrown down and turned asunder, so that the new radical left order can come in.

It’s an indication we’re already many steps down the road to that point.

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