Biden Makes Bizarre Comments About Jill and LGBTQ People

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Joe Biden seems to be deteriorating more quickly now. On Tuesday, he read a poem and wasn’t able to get through it without major coherency lapses.

Then, on Wednesday, Biden faced some real difficulty again during remarks that he delivered during a reception at the White House celebrating Women’s History Month.


He said this was a time to honor women like his wife, the “first full-time lady.”

“This is a time for celebrating extraordinary women,” Biden said. “Like Jill, the First Lady, the first full-time lady, the First Lady who works full-time in addition to being the First Lady.” Were there no “full-time” ladies before her? What’s a “part-time lady” — is that anything like non-binary? What are you when you’re not being a part-time lady?

One might also quibble with “full-time” — according to a report at the end of last year, she taught two community college courses on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Not exactly a heavy load or “full-time.”

Then, Joe was almost incomprehensible with this one. He just completely stumbles over what he’s trying to say.

“Literally, as my sister would say, I wrote the Violence (unintelligible mumbling) with my own paw,” Biden said incoherently. Now, if you know Biden’s history, he’s probably trying to say “Violence Against Women Act” there. But if you didn’t, you wouldn’t have any idea of what he was saying.


Biden then tried to do his obligatory pandering to groups, but he messed that up too, talking about how it “improves protection for the underserved communities including Black and Latina, brown and Asian American, Native Americans, H—Pacific Islanders, LGBTQ survivors…”

What’s an “LGBTQ survivor”? Surviving LGBTQ? What is that? I don’t think that Joe Biden has any idea of what he’s even saying at this point. He just reads what he thinks is on the teleprompter and then just randomly adds things in.

But I think his saddest comment of the event was one that he didn’t even seem to understand was sad.

“Jill puts messages on my mirror while I’m shaving,” Biden said. “One that was put in about a year ago was ‘stop trying to make me love you.'” Does he have to “try” to make her love him? Yikes, that’s pretty darn sad, and a little bit creepy. If he thought it was funny, it wasn’t. Not to mention the messages on the mirror thing is something you have to do to keep reminding people who have issues with memory.


He’s going downhill fast. I think this is why if you look at his public schedule, you see most of the things are now ceremonial things like this from recognizing Women’s History Month and a Persian holiday where he appropriates yet another ethnicity, to meeting with the cast of “Ted Lasso.” Not exactly a heavy workload this week. Of course, that was after the obligatory weekend vacation in Delaware.

Biden dared us to watch him, to judge how he was doing. But the more we do the worse it seems to get.


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