Biden Makes His 243rd 'Cultural Appropriation' of an Ethnicity

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How many ethnicities has Joe Biden claimed or “culturally appropriated” at this point? I don’t know, I think I’ve lost track. It seems like every week it’s a new one. It may not be 243, but it sure feels like it.


It’s become a joke at this point that Joe Biden may be the first black, Puerto Rican, Irish, Jewish civil rights activist, and truck driver in the office. But he just keeps adding more, in his effort to pander to whatever audience he happens to be before. The last one I think was when he was in Poland and made the cringeworthy comment that he felt self-conscious in his hometown because his name didn’t end in a “ski” or “o.” Oh, and he made some bizarre and offensive comments about the Irish on Friday, including talking about them being drinkers.

On Monday, Biden was recognizing Nowruz, which marks the start of the Persian New Year, the vernal equinox, and the first day of spring. But Joe Biden couldn’t just recognize the day and move on. He had to claim his own “connection.”

“The Persian culture is amazing,” Biden said. He then claimed that he was “a student of the Persian culture — not a practitioner, but a student.”

What does that even mean, that he’s “not a practitioner” — how are you a practitioner of Persian culture? You either are Persian or you are not. You can’t “practice” being Persian. But he is a “student” of Persian culture? He’s studied or been everything to everyone. Except we all know it isn’t true. Does anyone believe that for even a second? That’s about as true as him being a civil rights activist or a truck driver.


If you look at Jill’s face, you know that she knew how silly that was.

I’m guessing she’s going to have a few words with him afterward. But it’s her fault because she should have stopped him from putting himself in this position.

But he wasn’t done yet with the weird comments. Then he seemed to address a Lt. Colonel in the audience. I’m not sure why he was talking about Mars, but with Joe Biden being in outer space half the time, it probably was bound to happen at some point.

“I just want one commitment from you: when you head to Mars, you won’t take Jill,” Biden said. “She’d be gone for too long.”

Yes, then what would he do without a handler for all that time? I’m thinking if you asked Americans, they would prefer they both go instead. That would solve the handler problem.

But this is what he’s talking about and joking about (it isn’t funny), while inflation is crushing Americans, as Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are increasing their alliance against us. That increasing alliance should worry Joe Biden with China trying to take over the role of the leader in the world. But Joe is sleeping, vacationing, and making bizarre comments while our adversaries are moving and plotting all around us. One might almost think he didn’t care about their movements against us, perhaps because of his family’s connections to people associated with the CCP. It’s a dangerous situation when you not only have to worry about his incoherence and incompetence, but you also have to be concerned about whether or not he has been compromised as well.



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