That Disastrous Biden Interview Got Even Worse - Despite WH Efforts to Clean It Up

As we reported earlier, 60 Minutes had a disastrous interview during which he lied about inflation not really going up, declared the pandemic over (which is going to infuriate people on the left), and said in response to questions about his fitness that people should just “watch him” if they want to judge. Indeed, that’s been the problem — we have been watching him and that’s why we think he is unfit for office. Because we see what he is saying and doing every day, including things like this interview that show why he is unfit.


The White House immediately rushed out to clarify Biden’s comments about Taiwan — he said that U.S. troops would defend Taiwan if China attacked.

Biden and his staff still can’t get what their policy is straight; this is the second time he’s done this.

But that wasn’t all of the bad moments in the interview — it got even worse.

Here was Biden saying it wasn’t until President Donald Trump that politics were made about “personal attacks.”

Wait, isn’t Biden the guy who just called millions of Americans threats to the foundation of the nation? He didn’t even just demonize his political opponents. And he wants to talk about “personal attacks”? His actions were unprecedented. This was the same guy who has intolerantly cursed at voters, called one voter a liar and another one fat.

Biden then bragged that he’d released a million barrels of oil a day from the “Drtegic” Petroleum Reserve (the Strategic Petroleum Reserve).


Beyond the inability to say the word was Biden’s complete cluelessness thinking releasing so much from the SPR was a good thing, something to brag about. The reserve is supposed to be for our protection in the event of an emergency, not to cover for Biden’s bad energy policies and save the Democrats’ bacon in the midterms. Biden has already drained it to dangerously low levels.

Biden says he wants to refill it by paying $80/barrel which is incredibly ironic because Democrats prevented President Donald Trump from putting more into the reserve in 2020 by paying just about $24/barrel. So once again, the actions of Biden and the Democrats put us in problems and are going to cost us a lot more money.

Then the program broached the question of Hunter Biden — doing all they could to try to downplay the issues. They, of course, left out all the evidence of the laptop, the 10 percent for the “big guy” and the meetings that Joe Biden had with his son’s business associates. When Scott Pelley asked Joe Biden about Hunter, he made it about “Republicans” going after Hunter rather than that there are legitimate concerns that he and the rest of the media should be looking at. But even with that soft pedaling, the look on Joe’s face was still something else. If looks could kill, Pelley would be laid out all over the floor from Joe’s evil eye.


If he has nothing to hide, why has Biden continued to lie about the contacts he had with his son’s business associates? Because it would appear that Hunter was selling meetings/pictures with his father to help out his business deals.

This is a pretty sad interview given what 60 Minutes used to be. Now they just deliver a lapdog softball interview for Biden without holding his feet to the fire. Even so, Biden still delivered a mess.


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