Where's Joe? Busy With 'Frisizhnjubs'?

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We covered the stories about the three “objects” that have been shot down over the U.S. and Canada.

Something like this has never happened before, yet Joe Biden is among the missing.


You have Biden’s team reportedly having to give “private assurances” it isn’t aliens and then NORAD Commander Glen VanHerck had to answer a question about aliens during a briefing on Sunday. This response didn’t exactly quiet speculation.

While VanHerck said he’d leave that question up to the “intel community” — because the intel community is responsible for controlling and/or the defense of our country now? — “I haven’t ruled out anything at this point,” he added, regarding the alien question. He said they continue to assess every threat.

Now, he had to know that was going to get all kinds of tongues wagging —  or he’s just not a smart guy. But he said it anyway, so you can take your choice there as to which applies.

They’ve since tried to remediate what VanHerck said, clarifying that there’s no evidence that it is aliens. But he’s also not ruling it out.

Then, instead of Joe Biden, they sent out White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre and she couldn’t even get the name of Canada right, calling it “Canadia,” and stumbling over trying to explain what NORAD was.

Even MSNBC called out the Biden team’s lack of transparency, so you know it’s bad.


If we had a real leader, this would be the time to step up. Yet we still haven’t heard from Joe Biden since an interview that ran Thursday — before the three “objects” that were shot down — where he downplayed the spying of the Chinese balloon that was shot down the week before.

What was he doing? This was even one of the rare weekends when he was in D.C., attending a black-tie dinner over the weekend. Yet he had nothing to say when asked by reporters on Saturday. Thus, what he wasn’t doing was speaking to this issue.

Yet, on Monday when he was questioned about Joe Biden’s failure to say anything, National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby claimed they’ve been as “transparent as can be.”


Bottom line? They don’t seem to know what the objects are and they can’t say.

Amid a lot of confusion, a real leader might bring clarity or at least competence. But in the case of Joe Biden, they’re not putting him out there because he’ll just make everything worse as he did with the interview remark.

How can you send a man out to reassure the American people and expect them to have any confidence in what he says when half the time he’s incoherent?

Unfortunately, the Democrats and Bien’s team clap, as they did at the State of the Union when what he said made no sense and they likely had no idea what he was saying. They put us in this situation and they clap. They’ll continue to clap as the ship goes down if it means keeping their guy and their side in control.

But it’s evident with this “object” crisis — just as with many prior things — we are missing real leadership when it comes to Joe Biden.


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