'Object' Shot Down Over Canada Similar to What Was Shot Down in Alaska; Pilots Divulge More Concerning Info

(Jonathon Gruenke/The Daily Press via AP)

There’s more breaking news about that “object” that was just shot down over the Yukon in Canada by USAF F-22 Raptor.

According to the description by the Canadian officials, the description of the object was very similar to that of the object downed over Alaska on Friday.


The official described it as “small, cylindrical,” and smaller than the Chinese spy balloon that was shot down by the U.S. military last week.

It also appears to have penetrated some distance into Canadian territory before it was taken down.

NORAD is saying the object over Canada was also not detected until it had already penetrated U.S. airspace over Alaska late Friday night.

So again, what the heck? If it came in Friday night, why was it not detected and/or shot down until just now — Saturday night? This is getting more than a little concerning.


That’s making me think it isn’t the Chinese because why would they keep kicking the hornet’s nest with three different things? Unless they mean to launch some crazy things–or maybe something we don’t know.

The next piece of info about the object shot down over Alaska is making me get that alien feeling.

Some of the pilots said the object interfered with their sensors, and they couldn’t figure out how it was flying/what its propulsion system was.


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