Biden's Preposterous New Remark About Chinese Balloon, and the Troubling Info About What Was on It

One of the major jobs that Joe Biden is supposed to have is the defense of the nation.

But we see with the case of the Chinese spy balloon, there are big questions about how Biden’s team is responding to such threats. His NORAD Commander Gen. Glenn VanHerck said he didn’t shoot it down after it entered American airspace because he didn’t see it having any hostile intent. Now of course an aircraft from a hostile power breaching our airspace seem perforce hostile and could have any intent — which is why you take it down. In the next sentence, he spoke about how huge it was and that it had potential explosives to blow itself up. But he didn’t see that as a potential threat floating over the country?


There was also a massive issue with the claim — if true — that they haven’t been able to detect prior balloons. VanHerck called it a “domain awareness gap.” Uh-huh. I would say that’s a fairly significant danger to the country if we’re not able to pick up huge slow-moving balloons and we just announced that to the world, including our enemies.

But none of this seems to concern Joe Biden. During an interview with Noticias Telemundo, he downplayed the breach of American airspace and the threat, saying there’s a lot of spying.

“Look, the total amount of intelligence gathering that’s going on by every country around the world is overwhelming,” Biden said. “The idea that a balloon could traverse — break American airspace — is uh…,” Biden couldn’t even finish what he was trying to say, perhaps because it was so preposterous. “Anyway, It’s not a major breach.”

Heck, well, I guess it’s cool then that they spy on us, and float over our military installations. The casual nature of how he says that is pretty scary. Imagine if President Donald Trump had given an answer like that. We’d be picking up liberals off the floor from the apoplexies of rage that he would be so cavalier.


“It’s a violation of international law,” Biden added. “It’s our airspace. And once it comes into our space, we can do what we want with it.” That’s true, so why did VanHerck add some other imaginary layer requirement of demonstrating “hostile intent” and not just take it down?

Noticias did a better job than a lot of other media, delving into the question of the information being sent back to China before it was shot down. “Now that we know what we know — that the [Chinese spy] balloon had antennas and a communications system — do you regret not having insisted on bringing it down sooner?”

“No,” Biden declared. Of course not. Why take that seriously? Then he did that weird whispering thing saying the military has forgotten more than he or the interviewer would ever know. So it’s all just cool that they floated over those military installations, including nuclear military facilities, that there was a “domain awareness gap” and the military didn’t take it down earlier.


In a PBS interview that aired the day before, Biden also claimed that relations with China hadn’t taken a “big hit” and that he’d made clear to Xi Jinping before the balloon that they were not “looking for conflict.” But if they send a spy aircraft into your territory relations should take a “big hit” — we should be screaming at them for what they did, but instead, we’re saying we’re not looking for conflict — which is why they keep testing Joe Biden (and he keeps failing). If he wouldn’t even fully protect our country, they have to think he’s not going to be much trouble when it comes to Taiwan.

Now there’s also another intriguing bit of information that Biden should be concerned about, but likely doesn’t think is a big deal either. According to Fox, one of the interesting pieces of information from the classified briefing that lawmakers got yesterday was that the balloon had English writing on it, and “Western-made parts.”

The Fox report said the State Department was “confident” the balloon manufacturer had a direct relationship with China’s military.


That could indicate we are being spied on by something that includes our technology and raises questions about how the Chinese got those parts. Just one more thing I hope Congress is getting answers for in this whole debacle.


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