Even MSNBC Blasts WH Lack of Transparency on 'Objects,' as Biden Fails to Speak

Chuck Todd calls out Biden team lack of transparency. (Credit: Meet the Press)

As we just reported, another “object” has been shot down by U.S. fighters over Lake Huron.

That is the third “object” that has been shot down over the past three days, in addition to the larger balloon shot down last week which the government has identified as a Chinese spy balloon. There was one shot down over Alaska on Friday and a second one was taken down over Canada on Saturday. Each of them appears to have penetrated U.S. airspace for some time before being shot down. If the one that they took down on Sunday is the same one that was spotted over Montana on Saturday night, it’s been moving over U.S./Canadian territory for some time, until it was “decommissioned” around 3:30 p.m. ET on Sunday.


The object reportedly was an “octagon,” shape according to multiple reports. That would be different than the prior two “objects” that were described as “cylindrical.”

But the response from the Biden team has been anything but transparent, as even MSNBC’s Chuck Todd observed. He noted that National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications John Kirby didn’t offer up that they were scrambling fighters to shoot down the balloon that was shot down over Alaska until a reporter asked.


Then Todd said the U.S. military in a statement on Saturday could not provide details about that object that had been shot down over Alaska, including its “capabilities, purpose, or origin.” Todd explained that they asked the White House and the Pentagon to provide any guests to provide any more information, “both declined,” Todd said.

So we were instead left with Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) making assumptions and attacking China, then being contradicted by the White House. Then, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had trouble explaining what NORAD is and even called Canada by the wrong name. That’s who we got, instead of anyone able to provide definitive information.

Where is Joe Biden? He’s been silent since the first “object” was shot down over Alaska on Friday. He was holding a black-tie dinner at the White House last night, so this was one of the few times that he was in town on the weekend. Of course, if we’re looking for coherent comment, Biden isn’t the guy anyway. But this is the level of incompetence that the American people are left to hang in the air for three days over what’s going on. If you’re losing Chuck Todd and MSNBC, with them busting you for lack of transparency on the air, you’re doing something very wrong.



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