Oh My: KJP Tries to Explain NORAD and Object Shot Down Over Canada

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

As we have unidentified flying objects breaching our airspace and being shot down, the response from the Biden administration seems painfully slow and lacking in transparency.


Joe Biden has said nothing over the last couple of days about the objects being shot down. He spoke about the original Chinese spy balloon during an interview on Thursday where he shamefully downplayed his slow response, saying there’s a lot of spying and it wasn’t a “major breach.”

Meanwhile, he’s busy trying to defend himself in his classified documents scandal and blaming everyone but himself. He made a damning admission that he has documents going back almost 50 years, including a document from 1974 and his time in the Senate, as well as documents from his time as vice president.

Adding to the Biden team’s problems, they sent White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre out on an MSNBC interview on Sunday to deal with some of these questions. I think it’s safe to say, it didn’t go well. When you can’t even get the name of our neighbor to the north straight and you stumble over what NORAD is, then maybe there’s a problem. This is bad.


“Because it’s part of NORAD,” KJP said. “There’s, uh, the NORAD is part of like a, part of a—it’s a, it’s a, what you call, a coalition, a consortium.”

It’s pretty clear that she wasn’t ready for the question about NORAD and didn’t even begin to know how to describe it. Um, KJP, just think about what the letters stand for if you even know. North American Aerospace Defense Command. Didn’t she watch War Games? Or pay attention to the Santa Claus tracking, if she knew nothing else? But yes, Jonathan Capehart, it’s because it covers both countries.

“Canadia?” I don’t even know where to begin with that one. But this is the person that they send out to represent the Biden team at a time when the American people have a lot of questions about what’s going on. She has almost as many problems with communication as Joe Biden, and that’s saying something when he’s so incoherent. She’s supposed to be cleaning up his mistakes, not making even more of them herself, not thoroughly embarrassing herself and the administration.

KJP also refused to be transparent about whether the FBI or anyone else has conducted any other searches of Biden’s homes, offices, or other locations like the University of Delaware where there could be documents.


Yet, she’ll be back at the podium this week, crowing about how transparent they are.

At this point, the Biden team is just a horror show, with how incompetent they are and how much they lie. If KJP and Joe Biden had any character at all, they should both resign. But they wouldn’t and we’re likely to hear Joe Biden say that he’s going to run again.


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