Schumer Comments on 'Objects' Shot Down, WH Slaps Down and Contradicts What He Says

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was on “ABC This Week” with George Stephanopoulos on Sunday and he provided some more information in regard to the raft of “objects” that have been spotted and/or shot down over the U.S. and Canada over the last couple of days.


Schumer said that U.S. officials believe that the objects shot down over Alaska and Canada are both balloons. He said he’d been briefed by Joe Biden’s national security adviser Jake Sullivan. Schumer suggested they were Chinese spy balloons.

He blasted China and claimed that the Chinese “were humiliated.” “I think the Chinese were caught lying. I think it’s a real step back for them.” He also suggested the Chinese may have to do away with its balloon program over what happened over the past week.

“I think they are probably gonna have to get rid of it or do something,” Schumer said. “Because they look really bad.” He also mentioned that there had been balloons sighted in other areas including in South America, so he thought they were doing it in other places as well.

Like Joe Biden, he shamefully downplayed the intelligence that the Chinese may have gotten from the one balloon the government has defined as a Chinese spy balloon that was shot down last week, saying they “could’ve been getting it anyway.”


Is he kidding? These are the leaders we have? It’s cool that they spy on us over our military installations? They don’t appear to take it at all seriously.

He then went on to praise Joe Biden and say that he thought Joe Biden was in “great shape” to run again.

Of course, this doesn’t match reality either. Most Democrats don’t even want him to run again.

But no sooner had Schumer pushed out these talking points about the objects than Biden’s White House was contradicting him. They refuse to confirm that they’re balloons yet or Chinese spying.


A spokesperson for the National Security Council said the object did not closely resemble a Chinese spy balloon shot down by US fighter jets off the coast of South Carolina earlier this month.

And the Biden administration would not definitively characterize them as ‘balloons’ until the debris is recovered, according to Bloomberg.

Can’t they even get on the same page as to what these things are? What a clusterfunk.


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