New CNN Flack Adam Kinzinger Throws out Some 'Inciting' Words at Matt Gaetz

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On Friday, I wrote about how Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) laid out Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and said the principal goal of the folks who had been objecting to McCarthy was to change how things had been working, to break open the swamp. After getting what they believed was an agreement and commitment to change from McCarthy including things like the very important “Church Committee” that Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) announced on Tucker Carlson’s show, some of the folks who have been objecting then voted for McCarthy. But when they went to a 14th vote, McCarthy still fell one vote shy, and that aggravated Rep. Mike Rogers, causing some physical drama when he was restrained from talking with Matt Gaetz.


But then Gaetz and McCarthy came to an understanding. Ultimately, the final six who had been objecting then all voted “present” which allowed the total number voting to be lowered and enabled McCarthy to win on the 15th ballot.

But that drama with Rogers being restrained of course attracted the attention of political whore, former Jan. 6 Committee loon, and new CNN senior political commentator Adam Kinzinger. Evening plus drama plus Twitter equals yet another embarrassing tweet from Kinzinger. Except now that’s all going to come back on CNN. Hey, CNN, this is what you just hired, someone who sounds like he’s inciting or welcoming physical violence against a member of Congress.

So apparently encouraging violence around a member of Congress is just fine, to Kinzinger. Isn’t this the same guy that went after President Donald Trump’s tweets and comments around Jan. 6 when Trump encouraged people to act “peacefully and patriotically”?


The reaction did not go well for Kinzinger.

Some noted that under the old Twitter, Kinzinger would likely have been suspended for such a tweet if he had been a real conservative. But he doesn’t think consequences apply to him, only to those who he wants to politically attack — much like any common Democrat.

I suspect that one of poor Adam’s problems and the reason for his late-night rant is that Gaetz is still in Congress and he isn’t. Now he’s stuck spinning on a network with horrible ratings.

Kinzinger already has shown a propensity for threatening people when he threatened Catturd, a Twitter account in the name of a cat. He said if he met him in person it “wouldn’t end well.” Kinzinger doesn’t seem to know how to act appropriately. If CNN wants to be taken seriously, they should be taking a look at this Kinzinger’s issues of going after people. But given that it’s CNN, I wouldn’t bet on it. As I reported, they’re still having basic issues of bias on their network, with a hot mic moment shot that was seemingly taken at Kevin McCarthy.



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