CNN Gets Caught in Embarrassing Hot Mic Moment About Kevin McCarthy Vote

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN just got nailed in yet another big faux pas. Their claimed effort to be “objective” is fast sinking into the swamp after this latest incident.

During the voting battle for the Speaker of the House position on Friday, the House was on a break during the middle of the day and Rep. Kevin McCarthy — who would later win on the 15th ballot — spoke to reporters. CNN’s Anderson Cooper was covering the remarks live. But how they responded was a big problem — with a hot mic moment and an audible groan at what McCarthy said.


“We’ll be back tonight. I believe at that time we’ll have the votes to finish this once and for all,” McCarthy told reporters. “It just reminds me of what my father always told me- it’s not how you start it’s how you finish. And now we have to finish for the American public to turn around.”

“Oh, for Christ’s sake,” a female voice is heard saying on-air.

It wasn’t clear who the person making the comments was. Speculation varied between Democratic strategist and CNN contributor Karen Finney who had been on a prior panel before the remarks to CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash, which is who Raw Story claimed it was. It sounds like Bash to me.

Either would be bad and show a complete lack of professionalism, but Bash would certainly put yet another hole in their claim to be about news and not being the political errand boys of the Democrats. Talk about bias.

This follows CNN’s Dana Bash lying during an interview with former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (how good that is to say) earlier this week. Bash claimed that it was “largely as a result of that patriotic service” that Kinzinger did on the Jan. 6 Committee that he was leaving Congress, which was full-on fake news, but Kinzinger didn’t correct it. The reason he was leaving was that he decided not to run again after the Democrats gerrymandered his district. But it’s been a persistent lie pushed by the media somehow it was because of his disgraceful actions on the partisan witch hunt committee. That’s not helping CNN’s “fake news” problem. Neither was hiring a very biased Kinzinger.


So is CNN going to take any action to address the viral moment? Or at they just going to hope that they can weather through the news cycle and then people will forget it? CNN still has a long way to go to not suck.


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