Adam Kinzinger Threatens a Cat and Otherwise Embarrasses Himself

Come January, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) will no longer be in Congress and we’re counting down the days to that great improvement to the chamber.

I’m sure that he will find his way onto MSNBC when he finds out that no one — not even his new Democratic friends — will be interested in voting for him for any higher office.


First, here he is, disturbed about the poll to reinstate President Donald Trump to Twitter. He blames the result on “bots.”

I’m surprised he didn’t scream, “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

Hilarious that the guy who is always screaming about “threats to democracy” has an issue when there’s just too much “democracy” for him. It’s also a private site now, so Musk can do anything he likes. Isn’t that what the Democrats and their fellow travelers have been telling us when the site was controlled by liberals? Had the poll gone the other way, you know that Adam would have been the first person out there saying, “The people have spoken!”

But as we get into Kinzinger’s final days in office, he’s wrapping up with his typical Twitter tantrums.

Kinzinger is obsessed with Ukraine and seems to pay more attention to Ukraine’s interests than the interests of the United States. But when popular Twitter user Catturd had the temerity to laugh at a meme about Ukraine, that inflamed Kinzinger.


“Literal evil. If I met you in person it would not end well…for you. Sicko,” Kinzinger whined. “Trolls who have never done a thing in their life pretend to be patriots and laugh at real warriors.”

A sitting member of the House of Representatives threatening a private citizen — a cat, no less — for posting a meme. At what point have we slipped into utter absurdity with this guy Kinzinger? I think when he’s threatening a cat we may have just reached it. Then on top of that, describing himself as a “real warrior” in the process was also so narcissistically on brand. As we’ve noted in the past, Adam always seems to think that he’s the “bravest man in the room.” What is he threatening to do to Catturd if he met him in person? Not a good look when you have a member of Congress acting this way. On top of that, it was also funny that Kinzinger didn’t quote tweet the meme or tag Catturd, he screenshot it, because he didn’t have the bravery to even let the cat know that he was commenting on him. But “real warrior.” It’s long since time that his staff should have staged an intervention with Adam to stop him from rage-tweeting. How did he ever get in office when he’s this unhinged?


Yet this is the same guy who claimed Trump incited violence on Jan. 6 with his tweets and should be banned and prosecuted because of it. As we’ve noted, you can’t find that in the Trump tweets. Perhaps Adam needs a little reality check on himself? His tweet sounds more like inciting violence than anything that Trump tweeted on Jan. 6. Is he suggesting that he should be banned now from Twitter?


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