The Numbers Are in on Just How Badly Kamala Harris Is Doing at Her Border Job

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Remember when Kamala Harris was assigned to deal with the border? Then the White House backed off of that charge and claimed she was supposed to be dealing with the “root causes” of the problem. As though we didn’t already know the basic root causes: illegal aliens want to come here because they can make out better here than where they are coming from. That isn’t rocket science–and it doesn’t need a great in-depth analysis.


The real question has never been the root causes; the problem has been simply applying the law and stopping the flood. Yet the Biden team — Harris included — doesn’t seem at all interested in doing that. Kamala Harris had a hit-and-run visit in El Paso for a couple of hours near the border in 2021, not even to the real border — on her way to a fundraiser in California. Joe Biden hasn’t even bothered to do that, saying that he has more important things to do. Even now, he’s not planning a visit to the border, but he is enjoying yet another vacation, this time in St. Croix.

When they were nailed with a question recently about what Kamala was doing toward addressing illegal immigration, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre couldn’t even list one thing; she said that she had nothing to offer about what Harris was doing, “I don’t have anything to lay out specifically on what that work looks like,” she said, but that Biden “appreciated the partnership.”


“Appreciated the partnership” doing what? When you can’t even list anything that she’s working on or what they are “partnering” on? How bad is that response? On top of that, Kamala’s office had nothing further to offer. Translation: there isn’t anything going on, when you can’t even list one thing.

What has happened since Kamala Harris was given this empty job? Now the numbers are in, showing just how bad it has gotten.

More than four million illegal aliens have been encountered by the CBP at the border, since Harris was assigned her job almost two years ago. That number is only counting the encounters with the CBP — that doesn’t even include the “gotaways” — the tons of people that got through without being seen. Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia said they’ve had more encounters in the last three months than the whole prior year — it’s getting worse.


There was an all-time high of 2.38 million in the fiscal year 2022. The CBP had 233,000 border encounters just in November — which was a 35 percent increase over the monthly encounters they were getting when she was assigned this job in March.

Harris hasn’t have any events on illegal immigration on her calendar in six months, since an event in June. This, even as the crisis has gotten progressively worse, with hundreds of people living on the street in El Paso, overwhelming city services. Then there’s also the looming lifting of Title 42 on the horizon, which will make the massive crisis even worse.

The Border Patrol Union did not hold back about what a terrible problem we have on our hands because of the Biden approach — that they aren’t even allowed to take the time to properly vet the illegal aliens before they are released into communities, “consequences for the American people be damned.”


As we reported, because of this failure to properly process people, the Biden administration has lost more than 150,000 illegal aliens they released into the country. Even MSNBC is calling out the White House on its lies, that’s how bad it’s gotten. This is shameful.

Maybe we should tell Kamala there’s a Venn diagram at the border, perhaps that would attract her.

But at least we know that Kamala Harris is busy wishing us a happy Kwanzaa and holding that Ukrainian flag high.


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