Zelensky and Pelosi Exchange of Flags Has People Talking

On Wednesday, Volodymyr Zelensky went to Washington, D.C., met with Joe Biden, and he also gave a speech before Congress.

Congress is trying to push through a monstrosity Omnibus Bill. Included in the bill is more than $44 billion for Ukraine. Yet Zelensky still wanted more. But Zelensky indicated that was just a “hint” and it wasn’t going to be enough.


But hey, we got a Ukrainian flag into the bargain for giving them so much of our money. It was a flag signed by Ukrainian soldiers and Zelensky presented it to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Kamala Harris and Pelosi held it aloft in the chamber.

Now, I believe in keeping Russian ambitions in check and that they should get out of Ukraine. I also believe we should not be a money spigot, we should have accountability which I don’t think we’ve seen, and that our interests come first. So when I see Kamala Harris and Pelosi hoisting up the Ukrainian flag and essentially offering Zelensky a blank check because Joe Biden says we should fund them as long as they need it, I think of how they aren’t doing anything for the crisis at our border as even MSNBC is recognizing that anyone can walk in and thousands upon thousands pour across. I think of how Kamala is holding up the Ukrainian flag, yet not holding up the defense of our border. Indeed, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre wasn’t even able to outline what Kamala was supposedly doing to stop the problem at the border.


As Jean-Pierre noted, Harris was supposed to be trying to figure out the “root causes” of illegal immigration. “I don’t have anything to lay out specifically on what that work looks like,” Jean-Pierre said. At this point, they’re not even acting like they care or pretending that she’s doing anything. It’s insulting.

As Pelosi holds up the Ukrainian flag, I also think of how from that seat, she tore up the speech of the President of the United States that honored veterans and other Americans and has joined Joe Biden in frequently demonizing half the country, yet seems willing to support another country without end. This scene back in March was an earlier indication of where we were going when they turned the American flag into a part Ukrainian flag.


But in Congress on Wednesday, in exchange for the Ukrainian flag, Pelosi gave Zelensky a folded American flag in a case.

For some watching, it raised thoughts of what it means generally when you hand over your flag to a foreign leader. For others, it was a jarring comparison to funerals for military members where the folded flag is handed to the remaining relatives.


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