How You Know You're Over the Target: John Brennan Goes After Elon Musk Over Fauci

AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

As we reported earlier, Elon Musk got a firestorm started, teasing that they might have more intriguing Twitter files to release. He tipped things by saying his pronouns were “Prosecute/Fauci,” and that the COVID files were coming “bigtime.”


That caused quite a stir on the left, from people infuriated that Musk would dare attack their COVID saint.

This completely set off former CIA head John Brennan.

“Dr. Fauci is a national hero who will be remembered for generations to come for his innate goodness & many contributions to public health,” Brennan argued. “Despite your business success, you will be remembered most for fueling public hate & divisions. You may have money, but you have no class.”

Wait a second, isn’t Brennan the same guy who signed that letter from the 51 former intelligence guys, claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop was likely “Russian disinformation”? The letter itself was disinformation, meant to kill the story right before the election. It was published five days after the NY Post’s bombshell story that got suppressed by social media, including Twitter. Talk about election interference–it gave Joe Biden cover and something to point to other than the story that proved he had lied about his son’s laptop. Of course, Biden knew it wasn’t “Russian disinformation.”


Brennan has a lot to answer for himself, and not just over that intel letter. This is the same guy who never suffered any consequences for the spying done by the CIA on Congress, which was investigating CIA torture back under Barack Obama. That was a huge scandal that rocked Congress, and you even had folks like Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) flipping out over it. Brennan told Congress it didn’t happen, but then they admitted it did. But remember, there were no scandals under Obama. They all managed to conveniently be swept away.

There are few people slimier than Brennan, so to have him talk about “class” is quite funny. Not exactly the character witness that anyone would want. But when Brennan comes out of his hole to Fauci’s defense, if you didn’t already know that you were over the target, that would be a big clue. That’s how you know that they know it’s big, despite all the media trying to pitch it as a yawn.

Elon has them spinning all over the place with these releases–and what might come next.


I suspect that Musk, championing free speech and transparency, shining a light on all the sliminess and collusion that has gone on, is going to look far better in the view of history than Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Musk also should make sure he has some coverage over the files, so things can’t go missing. But you know it’s going to be good, if it got Brennan’s attention.


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