Let Us Not Forget That Intel Letter That Influenced the Election

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As we reported the other day, the liberal media is slowly admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop and emails were authentic, with the New York Times acknowledging it in a story.


But as we observed, all this could have been figured out by them long before now, as the New York Post confirmed it. You even had people like Tony Bobulinski subsequently confirm that the emails were real as well. But most of the media just wasn’t interested in doing so, because they had a narrative about it to push. You even had NPR — which receives some taxpayer funds — all in line with the narrative.

Then social media including Twitter did their best to try claiming–variously–it was “hacked material” or Russian disinformation, although they had no evidence that either thing was the case. Twitter even shut down the NY Post’s account for posting their own story. How twisted that was, and as we noted, that may have made a critical difference in the vote.

But on top of all that media effort, you also had more than 50 former intelligence people who signed a letter suggesting it was just Russian disinformation.

“If we are right,” they added, “this is Russia trying to influence how Americans vote in this election, and we believe strongly that Americans need to be aware of this.” They went even further saying they were concerned that this was being used by Russia to help Donald Trump and hurt Joe Biden.


What was their evidence of any of this? They had none.

Here was the critical part of the letter that many ignored or simply bypassed. “We want to emphasize that we do not know if the emails, provided to the New York Post by President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, are genuine or not and that we do not have evidence of Russian involvement,” they said.

They had no evidence at all, as they admit, yet still, they were willing to interfere in the election and suggest it anyway — knowing that how their letter would be trumpeted by all the media and by the Biden team. As the NY Post did, they could have determined that the laptop and attendant information were authentic. But they didn’t bother to do so before they put out their letter. So much for their “intelligence” work or ability.

The NY Post’s Miranda Devine called them all out. Among the names were former Obama DNI James Clapper and former Obama CIA head John Brennan.


The Biden team then used the letter for all it was worth, claiming, falsely, that the letter had said it was, in fact, Russian disinformation, and much of the media did the same.

Here’s Joe Biden lying about it in December 2020, when asked by Fox’s Peter Doocy.

It was concerning that all this occurred at the time, but it’s even more disturbing, I think, in retrospect that all these elements all came together to push a narrative that helped Biden. While it’s concerning that the media did this, it’s even more concerning that we had the intel community–which is supposed to be neutral–doing something like this. Where does this leave us now, with many of these people still in power or having influence in media? What about the Biden team aiding and assisting this lie when they knew it was true?

The Republicans need to take back power, and there needs to be a reckoning to come.



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