Elon Musk Teases Damning New Twitter Files Release, Makes Shocking Statement About Anthony Fauci

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Is the most damning installment of the “Twitter Files” on the way? If Elon Musk’s latest statements are any guide, I’d say that’s affirmative.


According to Musk, the internal documents dealing with the social media giant’s censorship of COVID-19 information are coming “big time.” He teased the future release with a couple of very unambiguous statements, and it looks like some bombshells are headed our way.

Don’t get me wrong. The stuff about Twitter censoring the Hunter Biden story and banning Donald Trump over January 6th is interesting. I’m not suggesting those topics aren’t important and haven’t been eye-opening. But I will go out on a limb and say that Twitter’s ruthless, Orwellian censorship of COVID-19 information, which occurred right up until Musk bought the company, was not only its most wide-ranging bit of malfeasance, but it was also the most damaging.

For years, truthful statements about things like the vaccines, masks, lockdowns, and the origins of the coronavirus led to bans of major accounts, including those run by accredited medical professionals with years of service. In the second “Twitter Files” release, it was revealed that Dr. Jay Bhattacharya of Stanford, who had done groundbreaking research on the inefficacy of mask-wearing in relation to COVID-19, had been shadow-banned for speaking the truth.


Then there was the censoring of any real discussion of the lab-leak theory, which supposed that COVID-19 didn’t just magically come from a wet market in Wuhan, a city that just so happens to contain a lab that works with and manipulates coronaviruses. Twitter became an arm of the Chinese government, ensuring the protection of the communists while suppressing what would eventually be accepted as the most probable explanation for the emergence of the coronavirus.

But the most important piece of this puzzle isn’t what Twitter did. Rather, it’s why they did it, and that’s where Dr. Anthony Fauci comes in. The overpaid bureaucrat with a legacy of abject failure, from his work with AIDS to COVID-19, has long defended China publicly. In fact, he’s still doing it, having fluffed the Chicoms again in late November. That’s on top of his lies, which were adopted as gospel-truth, about masks, lockdowns, and vaccine efficacy.

So what was Fauci’s (and his team’s) involvement in colluding with Twitter to suppress the First Amendment rights of Americans? Musk didn’t leave much mystery on that front with an unsolicited tweet about the notorious doctor.


Musk is nothing if he isn’t a meticulous marketer, and there’s no way that is just an idle statement. He’s alluding to evidence that Fauci was dictating content decisions, which would be an illegal intrusion by the government to quash free speech by proxy. If that’s shown, it would be the biggest revelation so far, and for my money, the most satisfying.

The gloves are completely off at this point, and I’m here for it.


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