Elon Drops Tantalizing Tidbits About Election Interference

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Bari Weiss released the Twitter Files Part II on Thursday, which revealed “secret blacklists” and the shadow banning of conservatives including Dan Bongino, Charlie Kirk, and Libs of TikTok. The blacklisting also included people who were saying things against the liberal narrative on things like COVID, including Stanford professor of medicine, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, because he criticized things like school closures.


Elon dropped another tantalizing tidbit about election interference and who else might have been blacklisted. He was asked if any candidate running for election had been shadowbanned.

That’s a big answer and raises a lot of questions including who was shadowbanned, why, and if it was done at the behest of the Democrats or anyone in government. This just keeps getting worse. We already know that they were interfering on issues such as with the Hunter Biden laptop story, but if they were also putting down candidates — or pumping others up for that matter — that’s directly interfering. This is a huge question that’s going to require more answers about who and what elections may have been affected.

Musk said that Twitter was working on a “software update” that would show people if they had been shadowbanned. But speculation was already underway about what candidates might have been shadowbanned and at least one candidate was saying he thought he had been.


Musk also commented about election interference and Perkins Coie, the law firm that had been closely associated with the Democrats and the Clinton team. They also had been outside counsel for Twitter before Musk took over. That says something too about the orientation of Twitter pre-Musk. Musk said that they were no longer using Perkins Coie, with a bit of a “drop the mic” tweet that indicates he has been following along with the drama.

Michael Sussmann went to the FBI — while he was still working for Perkins Coie and representing the Clinton campaign — to then-FBI general counsel James Baker when he was working there, with the false Alfa Bank story against the Trump team.

Again, that showed he had been following the drama, although some informed him about how Perkins Coie had also represented Google as well.


Everything and everyone was interconnected.

Musk looks like he’s willing to blow the doors off with transparency, so hold onto your hats, because I suspect we’re going to see a lot more coming and more meltdowns from the Democrats and efforts to stop him. As I wrote, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is already going there, saying they need to take action against Twitter for “hate speech.” Truth that exposes Democrats must be hate speech now.



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