Fetterman Can't Control His Confusion in New Remarks

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We’ve been covering a lot of the issues that John Fetterman has, including his health, his radical policies, and his failure to show up for a lot of his prior jobs as lieutenant governor and the mayor of Braddock.


But Fetterman is now raising even more questions about his health with his latest remarks. Fetterman and his team need to start being honest and providing full information about his medical condition, as well as letting people talk to his doctors.

Here’s Fetterman talking about his Senate race with Dr. Mehmet Oz, his Republican opponent. But he doesn’t call it a “race” and what he said came out in a confused jumble.

“We already knew that this is going to be a tight rice,” Fetterman said at a volunteer event. “And we’ve always been running like this is down 5 points because we know what the stake is at the race here.”

Now it’s clear that he has issues with mental coherence. That’s not taking a shot at him, that’s just what the evidence is showing. He thinks he’s in a “rice” rather than a race. He can’t string words together clearly and if he wants to be elected a senator he has to have the capability to do the job. It can be a tough job, even in perfect health. Fetterman already had issues showing up and doing his jobs as Mayor and Lt. Governor, and that was before the stroke. Now, he isn’t fine and it should concern all of us, particularly when we see how coherence issues are hurting us so much when it comes to Joe Biden. We can’t let things like this go by. Democrats don’t give a darn, as we saw with Biden. They will hide all the issues to win and keep control.


National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Jonathan Turcotte told Breitbart that Fetterman is unable to perform the duties required of a Senator, including “speaking in complete sentences for one.” He said, “Fetterman continues to mislead voters about his health. He should be transparent for once and release his medical records immediately.”

All Fetterman will say is he’s getting better and he’s refusing to release his records for the voters to make a judgment. I don’t know how anyone could vote for him, just on this alone, let alone all the other issues that make him grossly unsuitable for the job. This is just wrong at this point.

Back in the primary, Fetterman’s opponent, Malcolm Kenyatta, laid out how Fetterman refused to apologize for what he did in pulling the shotgun on the black jogger, noting he wanted to ask him then, since it was rare to have Fetterman at a debate — another shot showing Fetterman doesn’t show up.

Fetterman lied and said it didn’t happen.


Let’s let Dr. Oz and Malcolm Kenyatta wrap it up on Fetterman:


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