John Fetterman Gets Pummeled by an Unexpected Source

The mainstream media may be taking the gloves off against John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. A new report scrutinizes the Democrat senate candidate’s time as Lt. Governor and Mayor of Braddock, painting a picture of laziness that has been prevalent throughout his life story.


According to the Associated Press, Fetterman held a very “light schedule” as Lt. Governor despite bragging about “reimagining” the office. Apparently, what he meant by that was leeching off taxpayers while not accomplishing anything of value.

Records from Fetterman’s four years in office, however, offer a different portrait of his time in the $179,000-a-year elected job. They show Fetterman typically kept a light work schedule and was often absent from state business, including presiding over the state Senate, which is one of his chief duties, according to an Associated Press review of his daily calendars and attendance records.

The review found that Fetterman’s daily schedule was blank during roughly one-third of workdays from January 2019, when he first took office, to May of this year, when he suffered a serious stroke. Even on days where his schedule showed he was active, a typical work day for Fetterman lasted between four and five hours, the records show.


This should surprise no one that knows anything about Fetterman’s past. This is the same guy who got a $54,000 “salary” from his parents until he was 49 years old because he refused to get a real job while the Mayor of Braddock (a very small town that only pays $150 for the position). Fetterman also bought a home from his sister for $1, a hand-out few others receive in their lifetime.

All the while, Fetterman has presented himself as a working man’s hero despite never actually being a working man. He constantly touts his support for unions, wearing gym shorts and Carhartt hoodies in lieu of actually looking like a grown adult that is running for the US Senate.

As the AP details, though, Fetterman is a fraud. He’s a lazy bum who has sucked money from taxpayers while giving them little to nothing in return. Working only 4-5 hours a day when he was there, he would often not show up for work at all. One of the major parts of being Lt. Governor in Pennsylvania is presiding over the state’s Senate. Fetterman couldn’t even be trusted to do that. When he was Mayor of Braddock, he missed one-third of city-council meetings despite describing his tenure as a “full-time job.”


Still, there is a very real chance Fetterman could end up winning if Republicans don’t take things seriously and show up to vote at all costs. Don’t like mail-in voting? Who cares? Use it if you need to. Every vote will count in this one, and to let a terminally too-online campaign like Fetterman’s come out victorious would be a disaster for Pennsylvania. The country does not need another Bernie Sanders. Those are exactly he types of people who should be shunned and cast from public service.


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