Fetterman's Actions While Mayor of Braddock Were a Hot Mess

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As I reported the other day, more and more issues are coming out on John Fetterman, the Democratic candidate for Senate in Pennsylvania, from his questionable possibly illegal actions and bad policies, to his health problems.


We reported earlier on Thursday that there’s another big, basic problem that the AP reported on — that Fetterman typically kept a light work schedule and was often absent from state business, in the position he’s held as lieutenant governor since Jan. 2019. His calendar was blank roughly one-third of workdays from January 2019, when he first took office, until he had his stroke in May of this year. Meanwhile, he claimed that he was “reimagining” the office of lieutenant governor. If “reimagining” means not doing your job, that’s some reimagining.

But that wasn’t all. Before being lieutenant governor, he was mayor of Braddock, a job that didn’t pay any real money and he was supported by his parents. Indeed, he was supported by them into his late forties, until he became lieutenant governor. The former Braddock borough council president, Jesse Brown dropped a dime on how Fetterman did the job when he was the mayor.


“After a couple run-ins [Fetterman] and I had, he stopped coming to meetings, stopped coming to council meetings,” Brown said. “He should have been at all council meetings,” Brown reproached Fetterman. “But he didn’t do that…he got credit for everything. The people believe all this has come about through John Fetterman, but it’s not true.”

Fetterman was also accused of abuse of power when he was mayor.

As mayor of Braddock, Pa., Senate hopeful John Fetterman (D.) ordered a police officer to dig up dirt on one of his political rivals, according to a town solicitor whom Fetterman later fired.

In a heated 2009 mayoral campaign, Braddock solicitor Lawrence Shields accused Fetterman of “abuse of your mayoral authority” for ordering a Braddock cop to obtain a police report from a 2004 domestic incident involving Fetterman’s challenger, Jayme Cox. Braddock city council members called for Fetterman’s arrest for violating state laws regarding the handling of criminal information in cases where charges are dropped.

Three years later, Fetterman cast the tie-breaking vote—his only vote in 13 years as Braddock mayor—to fire Shields as solicitor, purportedly to save money in the borough’s budget. Fetterman said he was an “enthusiastic yes” in favor of ousting Shields.


The man that Fetterman tried to dig up dirt on improperly, Jayme Cox, is black. Fetterman admitted asking for the report, but claimed he wanted to inform the public–which is not an excuse.

It’s not hard to imagine that he would have trouble doing his job, since he didn’t have a real job for most of his life. But given what we’ve seen of how he’s conducted himself in the couple of “jobs” he did have, if history is any indication, he wouldn’t show up for a good part of the time if he won the Senate race.


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