Biden Gets Hopelessly Confused and Lost During Remarks in Detroit


Joe Biden has been doing all he can to spin his sad record in the face of crushing inflation that is hitting Americans hard. He even had the temerity to hold a “celebration” of the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. It didn’t go well with all kinds of cringe-worthy moments. The worst part, however, was that the Act won’t reduce inflation, it will only make it worse.


Biden was in Detroit, Michigan, on Wednesday to tour the Detroit Auto Show to promote the transition to electric vehicles with Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. He doesn’t have time to tour the border or deal with the problems there, but he does have time to go to an auto show.

It started strangely with Joe Biden holding hands with Whitmer, and Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) in the red giving them the side-eye.

Maybe he got confused and thought Whitmer was Jill; he’s used to having Jill lead him around. Or maybe he was just being touchy Joe. Either way, can we say kind of creepy? At least he wasn’t caught on camera sniffing her.

When he started talking, he thanked Whitmer for the “inverdation.”

The guy who demonized millions of Americans then had the nerve to say that there’s “nothing we can’t do” if we “do it together.”


Of course, he’s talking about Democrats who agree with his agenda. Everyone else will be attacked if they’re in the way. He then told a whopper about being responsible for a huge manufacturing boom but then seemed to get lost in some kind of weird word salad that he didn’t know how to finish.

Then Biden moved on to telling tall tales about the economy — claiming the American Rescue Plan that he passed — which many believe to have made inflation worse — to have been responsible for economic “resurgence.” He claimed, “Incomes were up.”

The reality is real wages are down because of inflation and people are having trouble affording things in his economy.

Reality check:

Biden also praised Whitmer, saying she used the government money to do the right thing during the pandemic keeping people working and keeping schools open when in fact she was one of the worst governors in terms of keeping things locked down, which is why there were so many protests in her state against her. I’m not sure what he’s talking about with governors pocketing the money, but reducing taxes with it is far better than most agenda items that Democratic leaders spent on.


But what would a Biden event be without Joe getting confused about where he was supposed to be going after his remarks? He, of course, heads off in the wrong direction.

He had to have gone up the same steps to get to the stage. But in just the few minutes it took to deliver his remarks he seems to have forgotten where the steps were.

What a metaphor for his whole time in office.


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