Joe Biden Holds Surreal 'Celebration' as Stock Market Crashes and Inflation Soars

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In one of the more surreal moments in presidential history, the Biden administration held a “celebration” on Tuesday to mark the passage of the falsely-named Inflation Reduction Act.


That “celebration” took place on the same day a debilitating inflation report dropped, showing core inflation rising and a month-over-month increase in the topline number. Increases in food prices helped drive that home despite decreasing demand putting a crunch on gas prices. In response, the stock market crashed, losing the most points since the pandemic caused a massive sell-off in 2020. As of this writing, the Dow Jones is down -1276 points and looks to close around that level.

That led to some incredible side-by-sides from Joe Biden’s event.

Things don’t get any less farcical when you actually watch the clips of the event. Hilariously, things opened with an acoustic act by James Taylor singing a song about suicide. No, I’m not kidding. Perhaps he was channeling the economic downfall we are currently witnessing?

Then there was the president himself. We’ll get to some of his moments of senility soon enough, but I’ll start with a few of the blatant lies he told.


The Inflation Reduction Act is an $800 billion spending bill, of which half of it is a giveaway to the “green” sector. Nothing in that bill has lowered inflation, not a single thing. To suggest such is true “lie of year” material. Will the media fact-check the president? That’s a rhetorical question because we all know the answer.

To put the cherry on top of his absurd claim, Biden also claimed that government spending has nothing to do with inflation because Democrats “pay” for their spending. In reality, the 2022 fiscal year is projected to have a deficit of nearly $1 trillion.

Biden also decided to talk about “assault weapons” for some reason, claiming “there is no Godly reason for them.”

I mean, there pretty clearly is a reason for them. In fact, there are many reasons for them. Self-defense is one. Hunting is another. Sport shooting is yet another. But most of all, the biggest reason I should be able to own an AR-15 or the like is…because I want to. I do not need the president’s permission to own a firearm of my choice.

The ramblings only got more incoherent from there.

Be sure to watch that last clip until the end. It’s scary to see how feeble the president is. He finishes his speech and seems to be confused as to what to do. He picks up his jacket off the ground (why was it on the ground?) before stumbling off to his right, where he holds his hand out as if to shake hands with no one. We then see Jill Biden begin to approach the side of the stage to escort him away. Even the way he walks is disturbing, and the senility is impossible to ignore.


Regardless, the overarching problem with this event remains the timing. What genius in the White House thought today of all days would be a good day to hold a “celebration” over an act that was ostensibly supposed to significantly bring down inflation? And to not cancel it even as the stock market collapsed? I’d have to think they were expecting a better report than they got but had already painted themselves in a corner.

This was a “fiddling while Rome burns” moment. I said it was surreal at the beginning of this piece and I think that’s the best descriptor. We are witnessing a president and a White House that exists in an alternate universe of their own making. That they are so arrogant in denying reality only makes it worse, and one can only hope voters see through the facade in November.


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