Pelosi's 'Please Clap' Remark and Other Cringeworthy Moments at Inflation Reduction Act Celebration

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

We reported on Monday the bad news on inflation with CPI still going up. Yet, Joe Biden lied about the numbers and still threw a tone-deaf celebration of his passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. That, despite the stock market tanking in reaction to the bad news on inflation.


Joe Biden was in his typical form, veering between incoherence and screaming.

“Think about what you’d think about,” Biden screamed. Yes, many people are thinking about their 401 Ks tanking and not having enough money to pay for groceries. He also repeated that crazy story about when he was a child that the oil slick on his mother’s windshield was the reason his state had such high cancer rates. That was also why he said most of his neighbors had asthma.

But Biden wasn’t the only one offering up the cringeworthy moments at the “celebration.” What was both funny and sad at the same time was how much they were trying to sell the importance of the Inflation Reduction Act. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) called it “life-changing” and claimed that it was so beautifully named “for all that it does.”


It may do a lot for Democratic agenda items but one thing she didn’t do — list how the Act would reduce inflation.

But then she went maximum cringe when she pulled out that old saw that she always does: it’s all “for the children.”

It may just be me, but I’m thinking that driving all the costs up and making inflation even worse by spending even more with this Act isn’t helping either the parents or the children.

What was funny was they couldn’t even charge up their people with this manufactured event — people know this isn’t going to help inflation. As she tried to give an applause line praising Joe Biden’s “extraordinary leadership” making this “glorious day” possible, she had a “please clap” moment.

Shades of Jeb Bush.


Her remarks are the kind of thing you say to an insecure dictator to try to feed his ego. But the line fell flat and she had to encourage the audience to clap when they couldn’t or wouldn’t do it normally.

If that wasn’t enough, they even pulled in James Taylor. They must have him on the speed dial for when they get desperate. It didn’t work out very well the last time. What are they telling us when they have him singing a song about depression and suicide?

It’s hard to believe that we have these people in charge. But at this point, no one is taking them seriously.


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