What Is That on John Fetterman's Neck?

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As we reported earlier, there have been a lot of questions being raised about John Fetterman’s ability to take on the job he’s running for given the way that he has been sounding during his public remarks. His latest remarks at a pro-abortion rally raise even more questions. He characterizes questions as making fun of the stroke he had in May, but his ability to perform the job is part of what people will be evaluated when deciding whether to vote for him. Casting it as “making fun of him” is trying to deflect from those legitimate questions.


Fetterman has been wearing hoodies and neck coverings for some time. It’s raised some questions as to why he’s wearing scarves even in the heat of the summer. Now we may have an answer to that question after a photo of him went viral on Monday and Twitter began looking at his neck.

We know that if this were a Republican, they would already have been all over the oddity of why he was wearing neck scarves like that and what was he covering up. It would have been running 24/7.

But since it’s a Democrat, there was a surprising lack of curiosity as to that. But this might explain it.

Given that Fetterman’s people were holding back information about him from his stroke, what are they holding back here and what is going on with that?

If you look at a picture from 2018, it doesn’t appear visible. But in a GQ picture from 2020, it does. I’m not going to speculate on possibilities, but I do think that it’s something his people need to explain.


Even CNN acknowledged last week that “it does seem that there’s more to the story than we’ve been getting from his campaign to this point” when it came to his people appearing to hold back on how significant his stroke was. Now, add more questions to it with this latest picture. This is now going to prompt at least some in the media to ask him what’s the answer here and I don’t think he can simply deflect it by saying “you’re mocking me.” That’s on top of the fact that he has horrible policies that are out of step with the mainstream voter in Pennsylvania, as we noted, with his radical positions on criminals and voter ID.

As people ask more questions and truly start seriously looking at him, he’s not going to hold up well.



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