John Fetterman's 9/11 Abortion Rally Is His Most Disturbing Performance Yet

While most were respecting the anniversary of 9/11 on Sunday, John Fetterman held a pro-abortion rally at which he introduced himself as “John Fetterwoman.” Do you get it? He’s just so darn clever! Members of the press were also enamored with the fact that he shook hands with those waiting outside to get into the event. He’s a true man of the people, doing things that no other politician does.


Of course, the videos of the event tell a far different story. I’ve written on some of Fetterman’s past public appearances (see here and here), and needless to say, they haven’t been encouraging given the situation with his health. This latest performance is his most disturbing yet, though.

I would try to transcribe what’s in that video, but it’s not really possible. It’s that unintelligible. Ostensibly, he’s trying to take some shots at Sen. Pat Toomey, but it just goes way off the rails. His word usage is all over the place, he has weird inflections, and his sentence structure makes no sense at all. At one point, he pauses for an uncomfortably long period of time, just staring, seeming to have completely forgotten what he was talking about. Fetterman then comes back and says “He, Pat Toomey is a miracle.” I can’t make heads or tails of it what the point was.

You really have to press play on the clip and watch it to understand just how bad it is because it is that bad. This is not a man who is well enough to be a US Senator, and there are no signs that he’s getting any better. In fact, I would suggest that he’s in worse condition now than he was a month ago.


As to the media-driven narrative that his issues are all auditory, that appears to be completely false. Not being able to hear things properly doesn’t make a man speak that way. It doesn’t cause his brain to completely lock up as he’s talking. It does not make him sound like a first-generation random AI generator. It is beyond clear that Fetterman is suffering from serious mental processing issues that are affecting his ability to form coherent thoughts. That’s not “auditory.”

My support of Mehmet Oz means my opinion won’t mean much to those who support Fetterman. But really, I beg of them to watch that clip and believe their eyes and ears. This farce has gone on long enough, and it needs to be stopped at the ballot box. Don’t elect someone to such an important office that is so obviously incapable and unqualified. The current president has shown us how that turns out.


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