Ted Cruz Drops the Boot on FBI Director Christopher Wray During Hearing

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

Whistleblowers have come forward on how the FBI has been politicized in everything from the Hunter Biden case to allegedly juicing the statistics about domestic extremism.


FBI Director Christopher Wray was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday and senators asked a variety of questions, including plumbing such things as how the FBI is categorizing things such as “domestic extremism.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said he believed the FBI has been completely politicized, that it began under Barack Obama, metastasized with career officials during the Trump Administration, and is even worse now under Joe Biden. Cruz told Wray he believed that Wray was unwilling to root out the problems.

Then Cruz went to town on Wray over the symbols that the FBI said were indicative of militia violent extremism, according to a Project Veritas report, including the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden Flag, and the Gonzales Battle Flag (Come and Take It). This was a thing of beauty by Cruz.


Cruz pointed out how all those flags are patriotic symbols of our country that are used to this day, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden being sworn in under Betsy Ross flags and the Gadsden flag being used on the license plates of the State of Virginia. For the Gonzales battle flag, Cruz took off his boot and smacked it on the table in front of him, saying he was going to report himself because he wore a Gonzales Battle Flag on the back of his boot every time he wore them in the Senate.

Wray’s response said everything that is wrong with the FBI — he claimed he didn’t know anything about the list and so he couldn’t comment on it. So he doesn’t know if this is true? That’s ignorant. Or he just wants to avoid the question because he’s lying? Ignorant and/or lying — neither is a good look.

The list was supposed to be for internal use only — so once again this was something that wasn’t supposed to get out and we weren’t supposed to know what they were evaluating as “extremism.” No wonder the statistics are padded if you start making such things indicative of extremism.

Cruz then lit into Wray over the conduct of the FBI regarding the Gretchen Whitmer case, noting how two had been acquitted and the other two cases were mistrial amid questions of entrapment. He asked what had been done to address the behavior or discipline any of the FBI involved in that case. Again, Wray evaded the question, saying he couldn’t talk about personnel matters and then saying there might be a retrial as though that would somehow justify the behavior.


Then Cruz noted how the person who had been in charge of the Detroit field office was now in charge at the Washington field office, overseeing the Jan. 6 cases. So not only would that add yet another concern about how those cases were being handled but that sounds like a promotion or a move up, after being in charge during the Whitmer matter. Cruz pointed out once again, that not only wasn’t there any accountability but the people involved even got moved up.

Good for Cruz and the other senators for taking this on in their oversight capacity. But never has there so been a need to clean out the swamp here, if we are to preserve the very fabric upon which we are built: the impartial application of the rule of law.



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