Biden Gets Busted on Another Boast and Confuses Obama and Trump

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Joe Biden visited a Mack Trucks plant in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania today where he met with local members of the United Autoworkers Union and was briefed on the new electric-powered garbage truck the company is piloting in New York City and North Carolina.


But Joe being Joe, anytime you let him out into the public, expect the gaffes and the problems to follow.

He then said there were three reasons he ran for president but somehow forgot to mention what the third one was.

The first two were just bunk. When he lies so much, it’s really not credible to talk about bringing back decency. Further, if he’s talking about bringing back the middle class, it was President Donald Trump who brought back the middle class by restoring the economy. Joe Biden has so far left the economy in shambles.

Biden then went on to confuse Barack Obama and Donald Trump, talking about how “back in 2009,” the President put him in charge of dealing with the “Great Recession,” “then President Trump.”

Hey, I’ve confused the two many times. I mean, they’re practically twins. It’s easy to see how Joe could get confused with the two. He’s really getting worse with the incoherence.

But then, Biden in classic Biden style also couldn’t help but inject a little false puffery while he was at the plant. He seems to do it frequently when he meets people. He claimed that he “used to drive an 18-wheeler.”


Now as far as I can tell in looking into Joe Biden’s background, he never drove an 18-wheeler. There’s nothing in his history that supports the claim. He’s been a professional politician for the past 48 years. He’s been in the Senate practically his entire adult working life, since he was 29 years old, prior to being Vice President. He went straight from college into law school and then practiced law briefly before becoming a politician. So there’s nothing there about driving a truck.

As the RNC Research Director Zach Parkinson observed, the closest he seems to have come is riding in a truck for one day.

But in the company of truckers at the plant, Biden apparently felt the need to embellish. He must be a tremendously insecure person to keep having to lie and pump himself up so. The problem is also that he often does it with things that are easily checked. So in addition to being lies, they’re dumb lies.


As I reported earlier in the month, Biden claimed that he hit a home run off the right-center field wall at a Congressional baseball game in his second year, even claiming his kids remember it. There’s no evidence that ever occurred. In fact, in his second year, he went O-2.

This is his most common kind of lie – the boasting lie. He had to drop out of his first presidential campaign in part because of lying about his educational background. He’s lied about marching for civil rights, he’s also lied about being arrested trying to see Nelson Mandela. That’s just a small sample during a lifetime of puffery. It’s one of the reasons he was never taken seriously in D.C. until he was forced into playing the role of a “safe moderate” so that they could secure their power in 2020.

We are in deep trouble when we have such a man who not only is so incoherent but is so insecure that he keeps having to act this way.


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