Malcolm on the Right, Ep. 16: Can You Handle a Sign of Hope This Week?

Seems to be a lot going on in the news these days. Actually, there always seems to be a lot going on. News media can’t survive on just the weather, sports, and nail-salon shootings.

But this week’s commentary involves something you likely did not hear about. I won’t spoil it for those who’ll listen. But to my eyes, this event was not only good news — can you handle a dose of that? — but important news in our troubled world.

Here’s the most recent commentary on a new chapter in the ongoing human and corporate exodus from California and its one-party rule.

This week’s column on the pathetic presidential performance that our current commander in chief is putting on and what it augurs for our immediate future.

The column before that on karma coming around to strike the Taliban.

As usual, my RedState colleagues offer a wide variety of interesting posts like Joe Biden’s latest gaffes overseas, Arizona’s stunning victory in school choice, and a new frontier in the never-ending struggle over abortion.

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See you here Sunday for the next column on I-don’t-know-what-yet. And next week for No. 17 in my new audio commentaries. I don’t know that topic either.

Happy Fourth and fly that flag!



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