Biden Makes Remarks About Looking Like a 'Fool' and Gets Heckled by Bystander

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Joe Biden is in Delaware for the 39th time since he’s been in office.

Originally, he had planned on going from Europe — where he was at the G7 and a NATO summit — straight to the Middle East for more meetings there.


But as we reported, his team thought that was too much and brought him back to Delaware to rest for the weekend. He’s now leaving on Tuesday. It would seem that 10 days of meetings in a row would have been too much for Joe Biden, as the NY Times reported. That raises a lot of concerns if Biden isn’t able to do that, but has to hustle back to Delaware to get rest or whatever it is that re-invigorates him there. The NY Times reported that the White House is concerned about Biden’s age and ability, constantly concerned he may gaffe.

Biden was out on another bike ride near his beach house on Sunday. He previously created a stir when he fell over on this bike on June 18, after coming to a stop. However, Jill (or his handler of the day) must not have been keeping a good eye on him, and he ended up asking some questions about the media. His pedals were minus the toe cages which were blamed for his fall in June.

Biden was concerned, when he was speaking with reporters, if he looked like a “fool” in his bike helmet. Then he joked he was wearing it because he might face tough questions.

Biden may not always be competent on a lot of things, but I think he was able to remember the infamous Michael Dukakis clip where Dukakis was riding in a tank with a helmet on his head. That was met with an incredible amount of mockery and contributed to him getting trounced badly in 1988.


But the simpering press gathered in Delaware told him he “looked good.” So, it sounded like Joe lucked out — no Peter Doocy and anyone there who was going to ask a hard question.

The problem isn’t the helmet, Joe. The problem is your bad policies and the way you go about everything that is foolish–and so incredibly harmful to this country.

Biden then made some disgraceful comments about the protests against the Supreme Court; he encouraged the protests to continue, despite the assassination attempt against Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the firebombings, and the harassment of Kavanaugh and other diners at a D.C. restaurant.

Now, while peaceful, lawful protests against politicians are acceptable, I don’t think anyone should be encouraging protests that are going to people’s homes or harassing people when they eat, particularly because justices aren’t politicians — they aren’t supposed to be influenced by political opinion or protest.


When you countenance this kind of thing, you’re countenancing intimidation of the justices, and it shows you don’t understand the Constitution or the role of the Supreme Court. We’ve already seen people on the left encouraging bounties to tip-off leftist protesters whenever service workers spot the justices going about their daily lives. So, encouraging protests as Joe Biden did is encouraging the continued harassment of the justices that’s already underway. Biden should care about that and protecting their judicial independence as one of the hallmarks of our society, but he doesn’t. Biden still hasn’t personally condemned the assassination attempt or the leaked draft opinion.

Biden was also allegedly heckled during the ride, with a bystander chiding him about his prior fall and asking him where his training wheels were.

Warning for graphic language.


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