Left Loses Its Mind on Abortion: Putting Bounties on Justices, Hurting Restaurants Who Protect Diners

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The left is losing its mind over abortion. It’s not even clear that all the people understand that no, abortion wasn’t banned by the overturning of Roe v. Wade, that now the decision is left to the states to decide. But hey, what do facts matter to them?


While these folks are claiming they are “pro-choice,” they are anything but. If they were “pro-choice,” they would be in favor of crisis pregnancy centers that are trying to help pregnant women. Instead, folks on the left speak out against such centers, and the more radical people have been involved in firebombing the centers. To them, you are only free to choose what they want you to choose. Of course, that’s not true just about abortion, but about all the liberal narratives.

If you do not do what they want, you will be targeted, as some of the justices on the Supreme Court have been.

Radical protesters have not only been targeting the justices at their homes, but this week, they also harassed Justice Brett Kavanaugh and other diners at Morton’s The Steakhouse restaurant in D.C., as we reported. Kavanaugh had to sneak out the back door for his safety. Morton’s issued a great statement saying they weren’t going to stand for harassing Kavanaugh and the other diners with their actions–that it was just wrong and people had the right to eat in peace.


For people like the radicals on this issue, this was like waving a red cape in front of a bull, even though Morton’s didn’t say anything about abortion. They were just trying to protect their diners, as they should. But the left then turned on Morton’s and resolved to hurt them for their “choice” of defending the peace of their diners.

Some left bad reviews on Yelp for the restaurant. They were also trying to book reservations to fill the restaurants across the country through things like Open Table and then not show up, hoping to cost the restaurant money. Our sister site Twitchy grabbed some of the tweets related to this effort.

What was funny from that particular account was that the Twitter user was upset that Morton’s caught on to what was being done and filed reports on people for no-shows, so it was going to boomerang against anyone who engaged in the effort.

As our Lie-able Sources podcast account pointed out, this effort wouldn’t change the result of the politics, it would just hurt the people who can least afford to be hurt because of Bidenflation — the service workers in the restaurants.


This was the tweet being responded to. It has since been deleted.

As we reported, the radical direct action group ShutDown D.C. — which has been involved in a lot of leftist protests over the past few years — may have been connected to the action at Morton’s, and have now put out bounties for people in the service industry to tip them off, if they see any of the conservative justices.

The point is to try to protest the justices everywhere they go, a vile effort to harm the independence of the Court. The Biden Administration has yet to condemn these kinds of actions against the Court, indeed, as we reported, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre called them “democracy.” But these actions wouldn’t change the Court’s approach; it will only show how the left — once again — wants to throw all norms under the bus.


But you’re not necessarily dealing with people who are looking at this with any kind of sense.

To some of them, abortion is their sacrament and how dare anyone stand in their way.


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