4Chan Users Claim to Have Cracked Backup of Hunter Biden's iPhone and Are Leaking Info

4Chan users claim to have cracked the password for a backup of Hunter Biden’s iPhone and then were also able to access an iPad that he used. They also claim to have accessed iCloud notes. The password was alleged to be a woman’s name with an age after it.


They announced that they had 450 gigabytes of data and then began leaking some of the information onto 4Chan.

Among the things that they leaked onto the site that I was able to view were what appeared to be Hunter Biden’s passport and part of a visa card, various pictures of Hunter and Joe Biden, and phone numbers allegedly linked to multiple members of the Biden family, videos of a sexual nature, and alleged porn searches. On the iPad contacts and conversations, there was also an indication of conversations tagged with the name “Pedo Peter.” It is not clear who Pedo Peter is referencing. There were a variety of conversations that were accessed that appeared to be conversations between various members of the Biden family. There were claims that they had other records such as tax and bank accounts linked to Joe Biden but I did not immediately see any links to those records. 4Chan users said they were still rooting through all the information and would be dropping more.

Users claimed that 4Chan began taking down the links as fast as the users were trying to archive them but a variety of things were still up and being spread.


It’s not clear what the provenance of this is and we have not been able to verify whether it is legitimate, although things like the pictures and the passport would seem to indicate that it’s real based on what we understand about Hunter. It’s not clear if it’s related to the infamous laptop which has been verified by a variety of outlets and upon which we have reported at great length, including Hunter’s time in a sensory deprivation tank and texts about how he feels about his stepmother. The Washington Examiner has reached out to the White House for a response but hasn’t gotten anything yet and given how they have avoided the laptop issue like the plague, they’re unlikely to give any response other than to attack the leak.


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