Biden's Prickly Response to Reporters in Delaware Messes up the Narrative on 'Vacation'

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As we previously reported, Joe Biden is back on vacation again in Delaware. He left the White House Friday around 11 a.m. and likely wouldn’t be back until at least Tuesday. We wrote about how he managed some extra drama on this vacation because he fell over on his bike and took a hard fall. His people are still trying to deflect from that by taking silly juvenile potshots at President Donald Trump. But these are the “adults in charge,” right?


Biden’s vacation numbers are as high as his approval numbers are low. He’s on pace to spend more time away from the White House than any of his predecessors — he’s now spent almost 200 full or partial days away from the White House. If he keeps the same pace, he would spend 553 days away in his term. He’s spent the last four weekends in a row away.

His team claimed that he, like others before him, was “constantly on the job, regardless of their location — whether they’re on a state visit overseas or just 100 miles from the White House for a short trip to Wilmington.” They said that, when it came out that he was the one who had spent the most time on personal travel in his inaugural year.

However, there’s no accountability for what he’s doing or who he’s seeing when he is in Delaware. They refuse transparency on who he’s meeting with. So, we only get to hear about it if he deigns to let us peasants know. As it is, with all the early lids and his various issues, I’m not sure he’s much on the job when he’s even in Washington.

But Biden messed up the ‘he’s constantly at work’ argument with what he told reporters on Saturday. Either he didn’t get the memo about what he was supposed to say–or he forgot about it–when reporters asked him a question about whether he would be talking with China’s President Xi Jinping.


Biden got prickly with the reporters and said that he wasn’t going to be talking to them, since “[he’s] on [his] vacation.”

Not exactly looking like he’s “constantly on the job” there. He’s “constantly” on vacation, and how dare anyone bother him! Talk about a sense of entitlement. It’s our time on which he’s taking that vacation. Every time he goes to Delaware, we’re paying for Air Force One to get him there, as well as the Secret Service and their accommodations.

Here’s what the NY Post said, about cost for these trips, in November 2021:

Biden’s regular weekend and a few midweek trips home to Delaware have cost nearly $3 million in security alone, Secret Service expense records shared with The Post show.

Biden’s security detail spent $1.96 million on 16 trips to his Delaware homes this year, the records indicate. Another nine trips aren’t yet counted and likely push the total to $3 million.

Those 25 trips have been racked up in just 43 weeks in office.

And the true price tag to taxpayers is higher because the Pentagon hasn’t released costs for Air Force One and Marine One helicopter trips.


If I’m reading that right, that’s $120,000 on security alone for just one of the trips, if you divided $3 million by 25. That’s not counting the plane, the helicopter, or anything else. So we’re talking about a lot more, for each trip.

Meanwhile, as he takes his time to hang out and have fun at the beach — yet again — Americans are trying to figure out whether to buy gas or food to deal with all the spiraling costs. Priorities.


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