Biden Fell off His Bike but WH Deputy Press Sec Just Made It All Worse

Joe Biden is a man who doesn’t have a lot of grace. He sometimes tries to act as he does. But he’s constantly being nasty and trying to demean his opponents. That’s how they came up with his most recent “attack” “extreme MAGA” or “ultra MAGA.” His team claimed that he came up with it, although it was Democratic operatives who came up with it after six months of deep Democratic research. Not only was that a complete waste of time, but it also shows incredibly poor branding–trying to attack an opponent with their brand.


So of course it didn’t go over well and once again, just like with Hillary Clinton’s use of “deplorables,” it’s now become a tagline of many social media profiles on the right. Donald Trump even turned Biden’s calling him the “MAGA King” back on him.

Biden — in his nasty way — generally won’t even call President Donald Trump by his name when he refers to Trump. You may have picked up on this, he refers to him as “the former guy” or some other similar term. The “former guy” is the leftist term for disparaging Trump. That’s where we’re at now with Biden — it’s juvenile. He’s also reportedly been throwing tantrums that his approval numbers are lower than Trump’s at the same point– and that they’re ‘worse than Carter numbers’ now.

Biden has passed on that lack of grace to his aides, including his Deputy Press Secretary, Andrew Bates. Bates seemed to think his boss falling over is the time to deflect by attacking Trump. This is what he is doing, rather than updating us on how Biden is. This is childish.

This is what happens when Trump lives in their heads, rent-free, permanently. But as usual, even the video they try to attack Trump with makes him look pretty good, certainly compared to Biden. Unlike Biden, Trump doesn’t have any issues standing upright.


But imagine: this is what the Biden team is spending time doing, rather than focusing on the priorities of the American people–making up such videos when the inflation and gas prices are crushing the nation. It’s Biden’s policies that have driven everything to such a pass, and all they can do is try to deflect to Trump. But when we think of Trump, we think about what a great economy he brought, and how he resolved so many of the issues that Biden has since made worse. And Trump, on his worst day, looks exponentially younger and more vigorous than Biden.

Needless to say, Bates got ratioed into next week by people responding to call the Biden team out for their response.

Bates gets good advice here:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw:


Perhaps this is just another example of how the dysfunction flows down from the top, and why so many of the Biden comms people have made for the exits.

Who wants to work for a team that does things like this, and has to keep constantly justifying or explaining away all the lies, mistakes, and missteps–not to mention the awful policies?


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