CNN Delivers Devastating Blow to Biden and the Dems' Dreams for Midterms

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Joe Biden is just getting killed in the approval numbers, when it comes to what Americans think of him.

As we’ve seen, Biden is throwing a tantrum over the fact that his numbers are now lower than those of President Donald Trump–when it’s Trump who is constantly attacked by the media.


A lot of that low rating is tied to inflation, and we’ve seen how horrible the Biden team’s response has been on that. They have no competent response.

But when you’ve lost CNN, you know you’re in trouble if you’re a Democrat.

One of the few people who doesn’t seem afraid to lay out all the bad facts over there is Harry Enten, their senior data guy. What was surprising was Jake Tapper seemed to be asking the right questions of Enten. Together, they produced a devastating takedown of Joe Biden — what Americans think of him when it comes to gas prices and inflation — and what that means for the midterms.

Enten noted the percentage that gas prices up from the prior year in prior midterms. He noted that it was 53 percent over last year — the highest in any midterm cycle since 1994. Then he dropped the hammer, showing the result of what that meant in the elections for the next two highest numbers in 2006 and 2010, where there were major gains for the opposition party.

Enten then explained Biden’s job approval on gas prices is 31 percent, with 68 percent disapproval.

“On inflation, it’s 28 percent; with 68 percent disapproving. That is a very, very, very, very, very bad number,” Enten explained, when Americans say that the most urgent issue to them is inflation, at 33 percent–far and away outpacing abortion. So, if Democrats thought that pro-abortion anger was going to win it for them, they might need to think again.

Enten notes that Republicans are “wisely” focusing on inflation. Meanwhile, what are Democrats doing? Pushing radical social issues, a move which makes Americans all the more convinced that Biden and the Democrats don’t care about how Americans are being crushed by Biden’s policies.


“Tell us more about what happens when voters have this dismal a view of the economy,” Tapper asked. That’s when Enten lowered the boom. He explained that 85 percent thought the economy was only fair or poor (worst result since 2011), and 77 percent (the worst since 2009) thought it was getting worse. “These are historic numbers,” he declared.

So, just how bad is that red tsunami going to wipe out the Democrats? When 75 percent think the economy is just fair or poor, “The White House lost.” In 2014, they lost 13 seats, in 2010 it was 63 seats, and in 1994, it was 54 seats.

I previously reported how Cook Political Report believes Republicans are going to pick-up between 20 to 35 seats. I think they’re too conservative, and it’s more in line with the wipeouts in 1994 and 2010. But either way, it’s going to be a devastating blow to the hopes and dreams of the Democrats and Joe Biden in November.


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