Joe Biden's Approval Hits Another Record Low, His Answer Is to Call You Stupid

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Joe Biden has hit a brand new low in approval, not just in a single poll that someone could claim is an outlier, but in the overall average. RealClearPolitics now has the president clocking in at -14.9 percent net job approval with a topline result of just 40.0 percent.


In the last ten polls taken, Biden managed to break 43 percent a single time (YouGov, a notoriously friendly pollster has him at 44 percent). In around half of the ten polls listed, he is approval is in the 30s.

What we are seeing in regards to public opinion on the president is uncharted territory. Yes, Donald Trump had some really bad polling results, but he typically hung out in the low to mid-40s with a differential somewhere around -10 percent. That’s nothing to brag about, but Biden has somehow managed to do worse, not just for a short period, but consistently.

Worse for the White House — and Democrats running in November — is that there’s no hope on the horizon. Because the economy was driven off such a cliff, stagflation is going to be a reality for some time as interest rates rise to tame price increases.

I have good news, though. Biden has come up with a solution: Calling you stupid.


The purpose of the June pivot appears threefold:

1. To convince skeptical voters that, despite their current misgivings, the economy is actually doing quite well.

2. To calm fears about inflation and reassure both everyday Americans and major economic players that Biden has a plan to address it.

3. To thwart GOP efforts to try to hang inflation like an albatross around Democrats ahead of the midterms — and maybe even go on offense by accusing the GOP of pushing policies that will make the economy worse.

“The economy is actually doing quite well” they scream as inflation crushes everyone, GDP shrinks, and interest rates rise. Sure, you are paying 20 percent more for groceries, and gas prices are high enough to make you cry, but things are just grand, according to the Biden administration. In other words, you are just too stupid to understand that what you are feeling and experiencing on a daily basis isn’t real, even though it’s objectively real.


As to Biden having a plan to tamp down inflation, he has no plan. It’s abundantly clear he has no plan, and I know that because he admits he has no plan. Reaffirming the “independence” of the fed is not a plan. Forgiving student loan debt is not a plan. In fact, the latter will just increase inflation.

In the face of all this bad news, the administration wants to gaslight you, telling you to not believe your lying eyes. That’s a bold messaging strategy. Let’s see how it works out for them.


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