WATCH: Biden Team's Responses on Inflation Are so Bad, the Look on Fox's John Roberts' Face Is Priceless

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

We have had record inflation now for months. Indeed, we’ve had inflation since the middle of 2021. But the Biden team has largely denied it was happening, first saying it was a “transitory” thing, then deflecting with all kinds of other excuses.


Finally, after going on a year now, Biden (or whichever minion was stuck with the task) wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he had a “plan.” But as we noted, his “plan” was just a tired jumble of the same words that he’s been spinning out there — with no intelligent thought as how to truly remedy the situation. He repeated things like that he’s releasing oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. That’s not solving the underlying issues; that’s just depleting our safety net.

But even beyond the fact that his plan had nothing of any merit in it, it’s been a year. Suddenly, he thinks we’ll take anything he says at this point seriously, when he’s vacillated between ignoring the problem and blaming others for it? Then he’s seemed to praise the high gas prices, calling them an “incredible transition” to where he ultimately wants to go — to a fossil-free world, and canceled oil and gas leases, while claiming he’s doing everything he can to bring prices down.

So, one of the Biden minions, Gene Sperling, went on Fox to push what a brilliant plan Joe Biden had written about in the WSJ. Fox’s Sandra Smith left him initially speechless when she said this has been going on for more than a year, long before Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine (one of the Biden team’s many excuses). Even the liberal experts had been warning them about it.


But then, this next clip is quietly hilarious. Smith is doing the questioning, while Sperling is doing all he can to deflect, even deflecting to the “Rick Scott plan,” which no Republican is on board with or pushing. Watch John Roberts’ face. It’s priceless.

That’s how empty these characters are. They have to deflect and try to blame Republicans for plans the GOP isn’t even pushing, when Republicans aren’t even the ones in power, as Smith points out.

How about White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre? Perhaps she has some better answers? Not so much.

We’re going to a place where we’re going into a transition,” Jean-Pierre responded. Is that anything like it’s “transitory”? Isn’t that where they started in the drama back last year? So, we’ve come full circle back to the initial lie? Plus, remember, it’s all good on our way to the fossil-free world.


Then there’s NEC Director Brian Deese, the guy who just wanted us to not count meat when we were looking at the skyrocketing prices. Does he have an answer now, after more than a year? No, um, uh.

But if you wondered why this Biden team is completely at sea and has no idea what it is doing, all the confusion flows down from the top. They are rudderless.


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