The Biden Administration Is About to Make a Reprehensible Deal in the Middle of the Russia Madness

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Now, we know that Joe Biden is not the brightest guy on the planet. And we know that his administration has made a lot of huge mistakes in just over one year in office. But even knowing that — even knowing how he is wrong on virtually every foreign policy decision over the past forty years, in the words of Obama Secretary of Defense Robert Gates — it’s still something to see how low Biden can go.


It would seem one of the most logical responses to the situation with Russia would be to understand the importance of our energy independence and increasing our production ability to make up the difference. We have it in abundance, so why don’t we use it? It’s essential for our national security. But that makes sense only if you’re a sentient human being and if you weren’t compromised by a leftist agenda that didn’t put the interests of America first.

Instead, as we previously reported, they wouldn’t rule out the possibility of getting oil from Iran. Now, when asked about that report, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said she wasn’t going to talk about it because they are “close to a deal.” I think that means close to a deal on the general deal they have been trying to reach with Iran.

Psaki says she won’t speak to it until after they already have a deal. In other words, you don’t want to give any answers until it’s too late. Where is Congress on this? Don’t they have to cut the money for any such deal? Of course, they didn’t approve the deal under Barack Obama either. This, even as Iran may be working toward a bomb, is oppressing their people, and is still chanting “Death to America.” How is this a sane national security decision to enter back into a deal with Iran? Once again, we’d be paying to prop up the regime of the mullahs that for years we wanted to see come down. On top of that, Iran instead of Russia is like saying that you’ll use the left hand of the Axis of Evil rather than the right.


One reporter asked about the report that Iran wanted as part of the deal that the White House take IRGC off the foreign terrorist list. Psaki refused to respond to the question, which has to make you think that it’s probably true which would be reprehensible.

As we previously reported, this is just one likely bad aspect of a lot of horrible things leaking out of what the White House may be agreeing with Iran to do.

Oh, and as far as making Russia a pariah, guess who the negotiator of the deal with Iran is? The Russian ambassador to Iran is saying the deal may come very soon.

How do they think we can take any of them seriously with all this?



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