In Vienna, the Biden Administration Is Giving Away the Store to Iran, and Russia Is Helping

Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP

It’s no mystery.  In many cases, the Biden Administration is the third term for the Barack Obama Administration. Obama’s path to a nuke deal with Iran was scuttled by President Trump in 2018 and one of the first things Biden did was to revive that deal – a deal that was both baffling and frightening. A deal that paved the way to lifting sanctions and ultimately creating an Iran with nuclear capability. It was no secret that once Biden was in office he intended to restart the deal with Iran. The parties have been meeting in Vienna for months. It’s not going well for sanity. It’s going great for both Russia and Iran.


While Russia and Putin dream of a new Soviet hegemony, with the first step overrunning Ukraine, Putin is simultaneously aiding in the new attempt to arm Iran with a nuclear weapon. The aim seems clear — to weaken America. Biden is helping in the task.  With war raging in and around Kyiv, just 655 miles away in Vienna Austria, the United States is giving away the store, and Russia is helping in the effort. In talks with Iran informally being run by a Russian diplomat named Mikhail Ulyanov, the Biden Administration is on the verge of giving Iran what it wants – a world stage and normalizing terrorism by removing, among others, the Revolutionary Guard from the list of terrorist organizations.

A former US State Department diplomat with expertise in Iran is sounding the alarm. He isn’t the only one. Present State Department officials in Vienna aren’t just concerned — they are frightened. Gabriel Noronha is the former diplomat. He wrote about his concerns six months ago – that the US was giving in to the Iranians’ demands. Now, present officials have contacted Noronha and are worried. Very worried.


The entire thread can be found here

One diplomat told Noronha “What’s happening in Vienna is a total disaster.” Negotiations are “essentially run” by Ulyanov. Noronha sees this as a looming security threat and a slow-moving disaster in the making.

Among the concerns raised by the diplomats are:

  1. Lifting of sanctions imposed on the “Supreme Leader” of Iran and almost all of the remaining 112 individuals on the list. In essence, lifting sanctions against known terrorists. That could happen as soon as this coming Monday. Terrorists on the list include Mohsen Rezaei — he was involved in a 1994 bombing that killed 85 people in Argentina — and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Gen. Hossein Dehghan, who was leading IRGC forces in Lebanon and Syria when Iranian-linked Hezbollah killed US Marines in Beirut.
  2. Lifting sanctions against Bonyad Mostazafan. That organization was responsible for confiscating property of Jews. If that sounds like Germany 1937, you’d be right.

While Ukraine burns, President Biden’s envoys fiddle. Chief among them is a man named Robert Malley. Malley is either naive or is willingly being manipulated in Vienna. The “conflict negotiator” is rolling over to Iran’s demands. The Biden Administration is giving Iran what it wants: a path to a nuke and the lifting of sanctions – and few people are noticing. There are career diplomats who have had enough and have quit. If these terms (apparently negotiated in private by Russia) are agreed to, Congress is the last stopgap to a disaster.




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