Canadians Fact-Check Fake Narrative Pushed by CNN, Trudeau About Freedom Convoy

Canadians Fact-Check Fake Narrative Pushed by CNN, Trudeau About Freedom Convoy
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We’ve seen politicians and the media trying to sell us all a bill of goods about so many things, including the Freedom Convoy in Canada. Justin Trudeau has demonized the protesters, saying they were racists expressing “hateful rhetoric” and “violence.” Ottawa city councilor Diane Deans even tried to claim that it’s not rural Canadians upset over the vaccine mandates, but an international effort backed by the U.S. to overthrow the government. CNN has been slow to the show, but they’re still right on narrative, demonizing the truckers and other protesters who are involved, as we previously reported.

Here’s a small sample of the propaganda, with all the buzzwords: insurrection, a threat to democracy, and sedition.

None of them — neither CNN nor the politicians — explain how the protests fit any of these terms, nor do they provide evidence to support any of their claims. You’re just supposed to take their word for it.

But some citizens in Canada decided they were going to be their own fact-checkers, rather than trust what they were hearing from the media. One of the honest members of the media, Rupa Subramanya, who is a columnist for the National Post, reported what they had to say.

Soungui and Alycia Koulamallah said they checked it out and felt nothing but love from the protesters. Soungui said he even brought his mother to the protests, and he was successful in changing her mind, that previously she had believed the media narrative. He encouraged everyone to discover the truth for themselves. This is what media and ‘fact-checkers’ are supposed to be doing. But so many of them have failed in their job; it’s up to citizens like this and media that is willing to buck the narrative.

Neither Trudeau nor the people pushing this narrative about racists are being honest, and some of the folks protesting there have a question for them.

The narrative is a dishonest mantra, designed to shut down all debate. Trudeau uses it to justify refusing to talk with the protesters. Even members of his own liberal party have been calling Trudeau out, as we previously reported. Liberal MP Joel Lightbound (Louis-Hébert, Que.), the chair of the Quebec Liberal caucus, said the government was being divisive by so demonizing the protesters, that the protesters had legitimate concerns and the government needed to listen to them. “I have enough respect for my fellow Canadians not to engage in these easy absurd labels,” he said.

“He [Lightbound] said exactly what a lot of us think,” Liberal MP Yves Robillard (Marc-Aurèle-Fortin, Que.) told The Hill Times. “I agree with everything that Lightbound said.”

Lightbound said that he’s been hearing similar concerns from his constituents, most who are vaccinated. He said some of his constituents who shared their views with him are parents whose children are sinking into depression, and business people and artists who are incurring significant business losses. At the same time, Canadians see countries around the world who have either dropped all their restrictions or are headed in that direction, Lightbound said.

That’s what’s getting lost in all this and the governments have been ignoring. They don’t seem to care how much they have hurt people with what they have done.

Conservative MP Jasraj Singh Hallan (Calgary Forest Lawn) applauded Lightbound for his courage, and called on the “tone-deaf” Trudeau to stop politicizing the pandemic and dividing people.

Hallan said the protesters were not “white supremacists or extremists like the prime minister tries to label,” but “everyday Canadians.” He said that they just wanted a path out of the pandemic and to get on with their lives, but that Trudeau has refused to listen to Canadians. Hallan just leveled Trudeau for calling others racist, when he wore “blackface” and “kicked strong ethnic women out of his caucus who stood up to his corruption.”

But Trudeau and a lot of the media are just refusing delivery on the truth.

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