Trucker Convoy: Despite Efforts to Smear and Disperse Them, They're Not Going Anywhere

Trucker Convoy: Despite Efforts to Smear and Disperse Them, They're Not Going Anywhere
Photo by Arthur Mola/Invision/AP

The Freedom Convoy of thousands of truckers continues to camp out in Ottawa at Parliament. There’s also an ongoing blockade at the border between Alberta and Montana.

The double-pronged effort from the coalition of more than 50,000 Canadian truck drivers – which has remained largely peaceful – was spurred by recent policies implemented by Trudeau’s office that declared that by January 15, all truckers in the country who are unvaccinated must take a COVID-19 test and quarantine when driving back from the states.

Rather than talk with them and resolve the concerns of his citizens, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fled Ottawa and went into isolation. He then announced he had COVID and issued a statement attacking the protest. He said he wasn’t going to meet with people who had expressed “hateful rhetoric” and violence.

“I have attended protests and rallies in the past when I agreed with the goals when I supported the people expressing their concerns and their issues,” Trudeau said, noting how he had attended BLM protests in the past. He even took a knee at a BLM protest. “But I have also chosen to not go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence towards fellow citizens, and a disrespect not just of science, but of the frontline health workers and quite frankly, the 90 percent of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe to put food on our tables.”

So Trudeau has knelt with the BLM which has held all kinds of hateful protests resulting in hundreds if not thousands of injuries, people dying, millions if not billions in damage. But a peaceful protest for freedom with a lot of indigenous and minority folks involved is bad and somehow “racist” because it doesn’t agree with the leftist narrative.

They are trying to do anything they can to smear the truckers. We reported a prior incident where a person on the left got a schooling by one of the protesters. Here’s a sample of one guy trying to carry in a Confederate flag to make them look bad. Like Confederate flags mean anything to people in Canada (other than as an effort to smear the convoy)? But the truckers were hip and told the guy to get lost. Another way to tell a plant? The only one wearing a mask.

But despite that, the truckers are hanging in there and have a lot of support from the people.

There have been some fun videos too amongst the greater purpose of the protest.

Unlike BLM/Antifa who liked to smash things and set fire to buildings, here are truckers showing they truly are Canadians, playing a little hockey in the street as they protest.

Others were providing pizza for the truckers, the homeless, or anyone who needed it.

One of the funniest videos involved a story about claiming the Mayor of Ottawa, who is a liberal, wanted to get rid of the truckers and called tow truck companies to do the job. Here’s what they say happened next.

If the story is true, the tow truck companies are giving the Mayor gas because they don’t want to comply, which makes their response a hilarious “not a chance in heck” to the mayor.

Now we can’t verify that story is true, but the Mayor has mentioned tow trucks and said that he wouldn’t be utilizing them because he doesn’t want to “inflame the situation.”  And/or because they wouldn’t comply with him? But it looks like the government isn’t about to physically move against them, at least not yet. That obviously could change quickly and they wouldn’t necessarily share with the public beforehand if they were going to move against them.

So here’s a revolutionary thought: How about talking to them and/or doing away with the mandates? How about listening to the concerns that they have? What a thought that the government should listen to the people.

The truckers have said they will stay as long as it takes.

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