Must Watch: VA Republican Lights up Dems for Calling GOP 'Racist' and 'Sexist'

Over this past year, we’ve seen a completely false narrative being sold to the American public about “voting rights” — that somehow the Republicans are trying to deny people the right to vote. Democrats can’t point to how any of these bills or laws do that.


But that hasn’t stopped the Democrats from pushing the claim without evidence and shouting “racist” about laws such as the one in Georgia under which people have more opportunities to vote than in Joe Biden’s own state of Delaware. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) even went so far as to claim on Stephen Colbert’s show that Republicans said it was their “policy to win by keeping American citizens from voting.”

This isn’t the first time that Democrats have pulled out the racist or sexist card because they can’t argue or win based on the policy. Indeed they’ve done it time and again in so many areas, it would be hard to count them all. It’s a sickening misuse of the terms.

As always with Democrats, it’s all about how they can get power and they don’t care what they have to do to get it. People saw through that effort in Virginia when parents objecting to the teaching of CRT were called “racist.” Virginians soundly rejected that when they voted in Glenn Youngkin as governor.

But even when Youngkin came in and said he wanted to pray for everyone, he was attacked on Wednesday by Democratic Delegate Don Scott.


“So far what I’ve seen from his day one activities is that he’s not a man of faith, not a Christian, but someone who wants to divide the commonwealth, someone who wants to cause division,” Scott said, as you could hear people in the background objecting to his characterization. “I know the truth hurts. I don’t want to make you cry like saying Critical Race Theory.”

This is how Democrats respond to prayer? And Scott is saying that Youngkin is not a Christian because he disagrees with him? That’s a pretty vile response.

But Scott wasn’t the only person who had a few words to say in the Virginia proceeding.

Republican Delegate Nick Freitas just lit up the Democrats for calling the GOP “racist,” “sexist,” or “not Christian” and he did it not just for Youngkin and the Virginia Republicans but for the Americans who are supportive of the GOP who Democrats are targeting as well with these kinds of attacks. It sounded like he was responding to Scott but he was also making a broader point that applies across the country. This is the fire we need.


“Enough,” Freitas declared. “I have had it, my constituents have had it, and I am no longer going to sit here while a member of this body accuses us of being bigots simply because we disagree on policy.” He got resounding applause.

This is how it’s done, calling out this smear for what it is. This is a must-watch for all Republicans and Republican politicians. This we need to see more of; all Republicans should be standing like this as one to stop this kind of smear.


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