Colbert Attacks Sinema While Spewing Dangerous Rants With Elizabeth Warren

Once upon a time, late-night comedy used to be funny. But some of those late-night comedians like Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert have long since traded being funny for being Democratic political operatives.


But last night, you could see how far the “anti-fascist, pro-norm” folks like Stephen Colbert were willing to go to impose the Democrats’ will on you.

On Monday night’s show, Colbert took on the filibuster. Now, there are doubtless things that you could say that would be funny, even if you wanted to approach it from a liberal point of view. But the humor was largely lacking when it came to what Colbert said. He decided to attack Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for what she was wearing and mock her love of the filibuster.

The funny thing about this is Sinema is making sense, talking about how legislation should pass when it has a lot of support, that you shouldn’t be able to push things through without the broad support of Americans, which makes a lot of sense. But they don’t want that. Colbert then also claims the “50 senators who are filibustering ‘voting rights'” don’t represent the majority. No one is actually filibustering “voting rights” but that number is obviously more than 50 since it includes both Sinema and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and likely some other Democrats, so Colbert’s argument doesn’t even make sense. Plus, the Senate represents the states, the House is accorded according to population. Keep up with Constitution 101, Stephen. Keeping the filibuster has the majority of the senators and that’s why it’s still there.


But beyond that, what’s hilarious about all this mania about the filibuster is how Democrats have supported it and used it in the past. Indeed in 2020, they used it 327 times. In fact, they even took advantage of the filibuster rule last week to require 60 votes for passage, to block the bill from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for sanctions on Russia for its Nord Stream 2 pipeline. But then they turned right back around to attack the filibuster.

Colbert continued on the subject with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

I’m not sure why this isn’t an “attack on democracy.” Isn’t she trying to cast doubt on our electoral process? This is because they know that they are going to get pounded in November, that Americans are going to hand them a severe rejection, so they’re already trying to set the table to explain the loss to the base and jack them up.

Warren continues the lie about giving people water in Georgia.


The law has to do with folks connected with parties trying to electioneer people in line with food and water. Not any random person giving someone water.

Now, this next one is truly manic lying to rile up the base.

This is the kind of demonizing they did with health care and that led to a lot of Republicans being harassed and attacked, including the GOP baseball practice shooting. There are going to be more people hurt on the head of this.

Warren says she would get rid of the filibuster altogether — that she believes in “majority rule” (but doesn’t seem to understand the majority of the Senate is against doing away with the filibuster).


Saying that the Founders were about “majority rule” and using the government to impose your will is a complete misunderstanding of the Constitution and a horrible misinterpretation from someone who was supposed to be a law professor. The whole point of the Constitution is about avoiding the failings of the “pure democracy” and simple majority rule, stopping the rule of the mob, while limiting government power and control over Americans.

So what’s Colbert’s norm-preserving response and he’s not joking when he says it? Doing away with the Senate because it is “anti-democratic.”

These folks are stark raving loons at this point with their craven desire for power and crushing the opposition. They would throw any norm (or any person) under the bus to get what they want.

So here’s a big question for them.

What will they do when they lose the Senate in November? Sinema and Manchin have more sense than any of them because they know the importance of the filibuster to the minority. Watch Democrats then turn on a dime after they lose the Senate to say how important it is to have the filibuster when they need it because they are pure. Bank on it.



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